Edwina Rogers

  • Spring 1996

Edwina Rogers is a partner in the Washington law firm of Raffaelli, Spees, Springer & Smith. Ms. Rogers serves as Regional Counsel for the West for the Bob Dole for President Campaign. Serving under Senator Phil Gramm, Ms. Rogers was the General Counsel for the National Republican Senatorial Committee during the 1994 election cycle and previously practiced law in the Washington office of Balch & Bingham. Additionally, Ms. Rogers served in the Bush Administration at the International Trade Administration of the Department of Commerce and worked with Senator Coverdell to establish the Fair Government Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan organization established to research and educate the public on First Amendment rights, campaign finance and political action committees, lobbying, government ethics and election law fairness issues. She serves on the Board of the American Council of Young Political Leaders, and Ms. Rogers is co-publishers of the conservative policy magazine Paradigm 2000.