Harvard Political Review (HPR)

Founded in 1969, the Harvard Political Review (HPR) is an undergraduate-run journal of politics, policy, and culture. The HPR features student perspectives in the form of articles, podcasts, investigations, data-driven storytelling, and interviews, highlighting interviewees ranging from Alan Derschowitz to Anthony Fauci to Kara Swisher. Staff writers work closely with editors to strengthen pieces while maintaining their distinct journalistic voices across five distinct sections: U.S., World, Local, Culture, and Science & Technology. 

Aside from the standard publication route, students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of programs including the Red Line Investigative Fellowship, the Summer Fellowship, and Columns. They can also pitch topic ideas for and contribute to our quarterly magazine, Covers. Previous issues include "How Are You?" (Spring 2023), "The Farce Awakens" (Fall 2023), "Isolation" (Fall 2020), "Girls Girls Girls" (Winter 2019), "Engineering Earth" (Fall 2018), and "Body Politic" (Summer 2014).

In order to foster deeper connections among staff writers and editors, the HPR conducts its editorial operations in-person. We welcome students of all interests and specialties, and no former journalism is expected or required. Students can engage with HPR as early as the summer before their freshman year through the summer fellowship, which hosts speaker events and topical discussions for all members of the Harvard community, although most students choose to join the publication through its Fall completion-based comp process. 

The HPR meets on Sundays from 5:00pm-6:00pm at HKS. 


Liana McGhee, lianamcghee@college.harvard.edu 

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