Community Action Committee (CAC)

The Community Action Committee (CAC) at Harvard's Institute of Politics provides educational and hands-on participatory experiences for members. The goal of CAC is to educate members about community organizing through theory, historical case studies, and guest speakers, and then to use that knowledge to not only collaborate with the broader Harvard community but also extend our impact to the Cambridge/Boston area and even engage with state and national-level priorities. 

Throughout the semester, members will have the chance to interact with a number of experienced community organizers who will share their expertise with membership. At the same time, members will also be working on hands-on projects with community partners and non-profit organizations to put the principles of community organizing that they are learning into practice.

This year, committee meetings will not only involve speaker events but also time to work in small groups partnered with various community organizing groups. These projects will allow members to engage directly with areas of activism which are especially important to them. CAC thus holds a unique place within the IOP as the intersection of politics and direct community organizing. It provides a space for Harvard students to learn directly from community leaders while also giving these students the opportunity to collaborate with each other on causes that they are deeply passionate about.


Makayla Gathers,