Politics of Race and Ethnicity (PRE)

The Politics of Race and Ethnicity (PRE) program highlights and discusses the intersection of race, ethnicity, and politics. PRE is meant to be a welcoming space within the IOP where individuals can share their personal experiences and learn from one another through discussion surrounding identity at the intersection of politics.

Students pose with a speaker

​​Created in 2014, PRE’s mission was initially to solely create a space within the IOP to discuss the intersection of race, ethnicity, and politics through holding workshops, facilitating discussions, and inviting guest speakers to the IOP space. Currently, PRE has expanded to deal with issues concerning minority political engagement, representation, moral versus career aspirations, immigration reform, health policy, and criminal justice, to discuss the makeup of current political systems. 

Chaired by:
Ife Adedokun | ifeadedokun@college.harvard.edu
Malaika Zaidi | malaikazaidi@college.harvard.edu