The Policy Program

The Policy Program is an undergraduate-run think tank that allows students the opportunity to develop their skills in policy research and writing while working to effect real-world change. In the past, we have worked with commissioners such as the UN Programme on HIV/AIDS, the International Commission Against the Death Penalty, the Ohio Secretary of State, and the National Council of State Legislators. Research from the Policy Program has helped develop new legislation, build new community programs, and analyze pressing issues facing communities and states across the country. 

Students will meet weekly with their teammates to discuss their research, learn about best practices in policy writing, and hear from distinguished guest speakers. At the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to present their work to their commissioner and other community stakeholders. You do not need to have policy research experience to join the Policy Program—our goal is to spark interest in public policy and for every student to learn something new!


Thomas Tait, 

Sophia Scott, 


Sunny Days for the IOP Policy Program
The Technology and Innovation Policy group worked with Massachusetts State Senator Julian Cyr to evaluate the current landscape of solar energy installations in Senator Cyr's district (Cape Cod and islands) and offer recommendations for working with Historic Committees that have opposed the expansion of solar in his district.
Autonomous Vehicles & Home Care: The 2017 Policy Program
Each semester, IOP undergraduate students join the Policy Program to combine finding policy solutions to issues they are passionate about and biulding skills around researching, writing and delivering policy recommendations to elected officials.

Collaborations with the Institute of Politics Policy Program

For the last four years, the Institute's Policy Program has collaborated with the Massachusetts State Senate Legislative Education Office, the United Nations, and various non-profit organizations to connect undergraduates with policymakers and activists seeking research assistance on current or future policy issues. Our research has been used in several State House bills and in legislation for the United States Congress. Students have assisted with policy research on a diverse range of topics, from planetary protection to optimizing green energy use in townships. Recently, students researched the following additional topics:

  • Reforming life sentences with parole
  • Patent trolling in Massachusetts
  • Sexual assault on college campuses
  • Restructuring the Department of Conservation and Recreation 
  • School-to-prison pipeline
  • Autonomous vehicle legislation 
  • Affordability and impact of solar energy installations

Policy Papers written by Undergraduate Student Policy Program