Ceci Connolly

  • Spring 2001

Ceci Connolly is a national political reporter who covered the 2000 presidential campaign and election for /The Washington Post/. In addition to her coverage of the campaign, Ms. Connolly has written about campaign finance issues, congressional and gubernatorial races. In 1997, she produced a three-part behind-the-scenes look at the tobacco wars. Prior to /The Washington Post/, Ms. Connolly was a Washington correspondent for the /St. Petersburg Times/, where she covered Congress and issues such as the environment, Medicare and Social Security. In 1996, she traveled with former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, covering his presidential campaign. Ms. Connolly is a regular contributor to Washingtonpost.com and appears often on television news programs such as "Washington Week in Review," "Inside Politics," "Fox Sunday News," and others. A native of Pennsylvania and a graduate of Boston College, Ms. Connolly was named one of /Washingtonian/ magazine's 100 Rising Stars in 1999. As a Fellow, Ms. Connolly will conduct a political journalism workshop and will work with students on the Institute's quarterly, student-written political journal, /Harvard Political Review/.