IOP Fall 2012 Poll

Obama More Trusted, Young Adults Making the Case for a Second Term Harvard Poll Finds

America's 18-29 year-olds trust President Obama more than Governor Romney on key issues
When America’s 18-29 year-olds were asked which presidential candidate they trust more to handle a number of top issues, late September IOP polling shows President Obama favored over Governor Romney on health care (+23), foreign policy (+23), to be the Commander-in-Chief of the military (+22), immigration reform (+20) – and the economy (+19 percentage points). Obama was also trusted more to handle “issues of concern to someone your age” (+31) and “issues of concern to women (+33).

In addition, six-in-ten Millennials (62%) said the statement: “the problems President Barack Obama inherited are so complex it takes more than four years to do the job” came closer to their own view, while only a third (33%) said the same about the statement: “despite his best efforts, President Obama has failed.

Young Governor Romney supporters are more likely to say they will be "definitely" voting

18- to 29- year-old voters favoring Gov. Romney are more likely (65%) than those favoring President Obama (55%) to say they will “definitely” be voting this fall.  Overall, 48% say that they will "definitely" vote in the November elections, with another ten percent (10%) saying “probably” and sixteen percent (16%) saying “50-50”

President Obama leads Governor Romney by nineteen-percentage points in America's 18-29 year-olds

At the time the IOP’s fall poll was conducted, 18-29 year-old “likely” voters gave President Barack Obama a nineteen-percentage point (19%) lead over Gov. Mitt Romney (55%: Obama; 36%: Romney; 9%: undecided.) Obama leads Romney among 18- to 24- year-olds by 12 points

President Obama is favored among likely voters in "Swing" states

(41%-29%) and 25- to 29- year-olds by 23 points (46%-23%).
President Obama is favored over Governor Romney among likely 18-29 year-old voters in “Swing” states by 16 points (54%-38%) and in Blue States by 34 points (61%-27%) – but only leads by 6 points in “Red” states (49%-43%).

Young voters say Governor Romney's VP pick made them "much less likely" to support Romney

By more than a 4:1 margin more Millennials said Governor Romney's VP pick of Congressman Paul Ryan made them "much less likely" to support Mitt Romney (40%: much less likely; 9%: much more likely).

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