Campaign and Advocacy Program (CAP)

The Campaign and Advocacy Program (CAP) is a workshop-style program that develops students’ electoral and advocacy campaign skills. Members will attend weekly meetings led by the student chair and professional facilitator Setti Warren (interim director of the IOP and former mayor of Newton, Massachusetts). This semester, CAP will work to develop students’ movement-building skills so that they can enter the world of advocacy, answering the question: what strategies, influences, and issues are at play? CAP members are given the exclusive opportunity to build valuable relationships with the program facilitator, speakers, and guests during program meetings. The program will provide students with a well-rounded knowledge of advocacy structure and strategies that prepare them to take active roles in future advocacy efforts. CAP encourages students to get involved with real issues that matter to them and provides resources to connect students with active advocacy roles. CAP offers a welcoming home for IOP newcomers and veterans alike! 

This semester, CAP will focus primarily on advocacy issues, teaching students how to advocate for themselves and causes about which they care. At the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to present a capstone project based on an advocacy issue of choice after learning how to build a movement.

Chaired by: Annabelle Krause |