National Campaign 2014

Bipartisan Advocacy: Finding Common Ground

Harvard’s Institute of Politics National Campaign for Political and Civic Engagement

September 27-28, 2014

Harvard Institute of Politics’ “National Campaign for Political and Civic Engagement" is a consortium of twenty-five colleges and universities around the country aiming to engage and encourage the next generation to improve our communities through bipartisan politics and public service.  National Campaign participating schools work on their own campus and collaboratively in three key areas: establishing an ongoing relationship with electoral politics; focusing on career development in public service; and ensuring a foundation in civic education. 

On Sept. 27-28, the IOP will host four dozen other National Campaign school students for a conference entitled: Bipartisan Advocacy: Finding Common Ground.” Students will arrive with a working plan to tackle a policy issue in their communities and on their campuses nationwide.  Conference speakers include leading professionals with expertise in campaign and issue advocacy, federal and state government, communications, negotiation and team-building. 

Saturday, September 27
“Bipartisan Advocacy: Finding Common Ground”

Harvard’s Institute of Politics

12:30 pm

Fostering Bipartisanship: A conversation with representatives from three organizations dedicated to fixing partisanship in Washington.  How do they do it, is it working, and how you can help?

A panel discussion with: Dan Glickman, Bipartisan Policy Center Senior Fellow;  former Harvard IOP Director and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; Steven Olikara, Founder, Millennial Action Project; Mark McKinnon, Founder, NoLabels; Fall 2012 Harvard IOP Resident Fellow; moderated by: Farah Stockman, Columnist, The Boston Globe

3:30 pm

Millennials in Action: A discussion with young people who have created movements in their communities and motivated their peers into action.

A panel discussion moderated by: Kristen Soltis Anderson, Republican strategist and co-founder of Echelon Insights, an opinion research firm; columnist at The Daily Beast; former vice president, the Winston Group, a GOP polling firm