How to Submit a Nomination

Eligible individuals may be nominated by peers, colleagues, friends, or members of the public. Please consider the award criteria and determine whether the person you wish to nominate would be an appropriate recipient of the Profile in Courage Award.

To nominate an individual for the New Frontier Award, please submit all information as follows:

  1. The full name and current age of your nominee
  2. The public service position currently and/or formerly held by the nominee
  3. The public accomplishments for which your candidate is nominated
  4. Names, titles, and contact information for two persons who can speak to the nominee's public service accomplishments
  5. Any biographical material, news items, or other supporting material relevant to your nomination

Please make particular note of the impact your nominee has had on the lives of his or her constituents or community. You may include news clips and other background materials pertaining to the actions or events described; however, supporting materials are not required. While we will gladly receive such materials by mail, we regret that we will be unable to return them.

When submitting your nomination, please include your name, address, and e-mail address.

It is important to note that New Frontier Award recipients are not selected on the basis of write-in campaigns or the volume of nominations an individual receives. A single nomination will place the individual's name in consideration for the award.

Award nominations are accepted on a continuing basis throughout the year. Nominations received after September 1 of each year will not be considered for that year's award; they will instead be rolled over for consideration the following year.

Click here to submit a nomination via our online web form.

Or, send or e-mail your nomination to:

The New Frontier Award Committee
John F. Kennedy Library Foundation
Columbia Point
Boston, Massachusetts 02125