Angie Berkowitz '15 is a summer 2013 Director's Intern at the Cook Political Report. This summer I have the pleasure of working at the Cook Political Report, the offices of which are located in the Watergate Complex on the western side of Washington, D.C. Several months...

James Pollack '15 is a summer 2013 Director's Intern at City Hall for Mayor Ed Lee’s Office. I was born in San Francisco, and have lived in the Bay Area for my entire life. Sadly, I haven’t been home much...Read more »
Adrianna Lucero '15 is a summer 2013 Director's Intern at the Office of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. I've never been into politics. Sure, I watch the news and love debate, but I never joined the IOP, ran for school government,...Read more »
Shaquilla Harrigan is a summer 2013 Director's Intern with the Keylatch Summer Program in Boston's South End. So, I officially started my job as co-director for Keylatch Summer. Program, a non-profit summer camp for students ages 6-13 in Boston's South...Read more »
Authored by IOP Director Trey Grayson Recently, I spent the day in Chicago meeting with my colleagues on the Commission on Youth Voting & Civic Knowledge . Because of a snowstorm, I ended up staying Chicago until almost midnight, but...Read more »
Every four years in the weeks following the presidential election, the Institute of Politics invites campaign managers from every presidential candidate to the IOP for a two-day conference. The media is invited to ask questions as those closest to the...Read more »
Harvard University's Institute of Politics has been the focal point of political discussion and engagement on campus and in the city of Cambridge since the Institute was founded in 1966. So, what better place to watch this year’s presidential election...Read more »
Each week the biggest experts in politics and public service come through our doors to engage members of the Harvard community in discussions on to current hot button issues. In order to capture these great minds and be able to...Read more »