Summer of Service: Jennifer Hughes '24

Summer of Service: Jennifer Hughes '24
Summer of Service: Jennifer Hughes '24

For more than 40 years, the Institute of Politics has provided support for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to pursue a summer internship in public service.  The signature offerings of the IOP’s Summer of Service program engages more than 150 students with meaningful experiences in politics and public service.  From working for elected officials to non-profits, federal, state and local governments, activist groups and think tanks – IOP Summer of Service students immerse themselves in issues and policies for eight weeks as they explore opportunities and careers with public purpose.

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Jennifer Hughes '24 reflects on her summer working with the Office of Congressman Chris Pappas (NH).

Why did you choose this internship?

I chose to work in Congressman Chris Pappas' office because I am originally from New Hampshire and wanted to learn more about my hometown community and our local politics. I also was eager to see the inner workings of a political office and what a career in government might look like. The internship has already exceeded my expectations on both counts, and I've been able to play a key role on the office's communications team.

How has your internship pushed you outside your comfort zone? What did you learn from the experience?

Throughout the summer I have found that everyday I am presented with a task that pushes me to use new skills. Many of the tasks I work on have required me to be resourceful and to learn on the fly which has really allowed me to expand my skillset. Throughout the summer I have gotten more confident about trying my hand at new things and giving it my best shot even if it's a task I have never done before.