Spotlight on Harvard Political Union

HPU hosts annual Visitas Debate between Harvard Democrats and Harvard Republican Club. 

Founded in 1832 as the Harvard Union, the Harvard Political Union (HPU) is the country's oldest collegiate debate society.  Today, the HPU is the center for political discourse and discussion on Harvard’s campus. The HPU fosters a community of friendly, questioning, and politically-minded students. It is their goal to foster healthy and constructive discourse on campus and beyond.  

They hold weekly club debates, organize discussions on political issues between students and expert guests, as well as host large-forum debates between student organizations, providing avenues for valuable and informed political dialogue on a wide range of issues.  Students from all experiences, backgrounds, and political philosophies come to have their opinions heard and challenged as a part of the HPU's welcoming community.

Lately, the Harvard Political Union has hosted conversations and debates about topics ranging from the impact of Trump's election on the American electoral system, the controversy surrounding Trump's 2005 Access Hollywood Tape, and the future of terrorist recruitment featuring notable guests such as Farah Pandith and David Fahrenthold.

If you're interested in getting involved in the HPU, Matthew Miller at​

My favorite part about HPU is the opportunity to learn from and engage with others' sage perspectives through debate. Between our weekly meetings, Pizza & Politics events with national and global leaders, and large forums like the Visitas Debate, the HPU provides a space for all students to partake in political discourse on campus. I love the Harvard Political Union both for the opportunity to engage in fruitful dialogue and for the community of curious, creative, and caring people it provides.
— Matthew Miller '21, Chair of HPU