Millenial Must Read: How to (Help) Grow Potatoes

This past Saturday, Team Hagan endeavored on a mission. Team Hagan (Senator Hagan, her husband and her liaisons) set out to volunteer for the Food Project, an organization committed to building sustainable food systems and supporting their local community. Senator Hagan is passionate about increasing accessibility to nutritious foods and educating youth to live and eat healthy, so we were really excited to find the Food Project and learn about all of their awesome youth programs. Our Saturday was spent at their Lincoln Farm by Walden Pond, where we helped their "Dirt Crew" plant potatoes. So, without further adieu, Team Hagan presents how to (help) grow potatoes.

How To (Help) Grow Potatoes:

Step 1: Wake up extremely early, wonder how you possibly woke up this early in high school. Put on lots of sunscreen and bring a hat.

Step 2: Meet at Dunkin' Donuts, armed with snacks for the long ride ahead, take an Uber to Lincoln Massachusetts. 

Step 3: Arrive in Lincoln, meet farmer Tim and the rest of the Food Project crew who will be our leaders for the day.

Step 4: Go through orientation with our Food Project Dirt Crew: four high schoolers from Boston and the greater Boston area who are dirt experts, and who will guide us through planting our potatoes. 

Step 5: Number off into two groups: planters and rakers. Platers will go about putting foundation potatoes into carefully crafted shallow trenches, these potatoes are in fact the seeds that will sprout new potatoes. Rakers will cover up the potato seed with the soil from the trench piled next to it.

Step 6: Rake, and rake, and rake, drop potato, after potato, after potato. Learn about the different varieties of potatoes the Food Project grows and spend time talking with the diverse group of volunteers who came out to help that day. Learn how Senator and Mr. Hagan met each other, and share philosophies on life with your liaison team.

Step 7: Finish up the snacks while awaiting the Uber back, newly aware of how much work goes into the food we eat everyday. Take the time to reflect on how thankful we are to have had this awesome opportunity to get involved in the community while appreciating all the different manifestations of what it means to serve a community.

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