In Memory of Chuck Campion

Dear IOP Community,

Many of you have heard by now of the passing of Chuck Campion: beloved husband to Heather, talented political advisor, and longtime friend of the Institute of Politics.

For those of us who were privileged to know and work with Chuck over the years, we mourn the loss of a brilliant strategist, committed citizen and devoted husband and father.  Chuck represented the very best of politics – and brought his keen mind, good humor and warmth to everyone he touched.  I am personally grateful to have known and worked with Chuck going back to the Dukakis campaign.  Like all of you, I will miss him.  And we will all be thinking of Heather and their talented children Max and Courtney in the weeks ahead.

The loss of Chuck Campion has been felt here at the IOP as well as in Massachusetts and national political circles.   A veteran of every national campaign for over three decades, he was the chairman of the Dewey Square Group, a political consulting and lobbying firm he co-founded 25 years ago.   He has trained a legion of young political operatives inspired by his commitment to making a difference.   His business partners, Michael Whouley and Charlie Baker ’79, observed:

“Chuck touched us all with his unique spirit and charm.  He filled rooms with joy, and he filled the hearts of his friends and colleagues with a special kind of warmth that only he could spark.  He leaves a void that no one can fill, but the sound of Chuck’s laughter, the meaningful difference he made in our politics, and the bond he had with so many of us, will forever endure.  Chuck had an extraordinary mind and an unparalleled ability to empathize with others.  His political instincts and knowledge ran deep.   Chuck imparted sound advice to so many candidates and office holders – they got in line to get Chuck on their side and he made them better public servants.”

A lovely website has been created honoring Chuck at His Washington Post obituary can be found here.  

At the IOP, we seek to inspire the next generation of leaders committed to public service and political life. Chuck Campion embodied those values and led a life committed to the public good.


Mark Gearan
Institute of Politics