Harvard Gazette: Vexing health problems can be solved, Gawande believes

Last week, Atul Gawande joined the JFK Jr. Forum for a conversation on the state of public health.

The event was co-sponsored by HKS Health Policy PIC, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government

As the Harvard Gazette wrote:

Tackling complex issues such as opioid addiction, gun violence, and uneven access to medical care seems daunting, but Atul Gawande said history shows that over time, the nation can solve its public health challenges.

Speaking at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Harvard Institute of Politics, the surgeon, writer, and public health researcher cited the recent dramatic reductions in tobacco use and the overall increase in life expectancy over the past century as examples of how effective policies can aid solutions to vexing problems.

“But the story is, every time it takes longer than people think,” Gawande said, noting that the various campaigns against smoking took decades. “You’re working and chipping away and learning how to define the problem accurately, how to mobilize people to pull in the same direction.”

You can read more about the event and Dr. Gawande's conversation here. To watch the full video of the event, click here

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