Filmmaker and Activist Elyse Fox Joins Conversation with Politics of Race and Ethnicity

On Tuesday, February 20, filmmaker, activist, and Bustle 2018 Upstart Awards Honoree Elyse Fox joined The Politics of Race and Ethnicity (PRE) for a conversation about the intersection of race, gender, and mental health.

Fox's work is centered on creating dialogue supporting communities for young women and girls of color experiencing mental health challenges. 

In 2016, Fox produced a short film, Conversations with Friends, in which she portrayed her own struggles with mental health. After her film was released, she was contacted by an enormous number of girls worldwide. All of them shared in some of Fox's experiences but had no one to talk to about their struggles. After the overwhelming response to her film, Fox created Sad Girls Club, an online and in-person organization that provides a much-needed platform for support, communication, and community for girls and women of color experiencing mental health challenges.

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