Director's Intern Highlight: Suriya Kandaswamy

Suriya Kandaswamy, Quorum

Suriya Kandaswamy is a rising junior in Leverett House from Germantown, Maryland. She is concentrating in computer science, and without a declared secondary, is spending her time academically at Harvard exploring where she can most creatively use computer science as a tool to solve larger global problems. 

Being from the Washington, D.C. area, she is excited to spend her summer as an intern at Quorum to experience Washington differently through involvement in the political sphere and not just as a resident.

I'm excited to be working at Quorum this summer because it gives me the perfect mix of learning more about the political sphere while applying and improving my coding skills that I've accumulated over the years. I'm also learning what it really means to start a business from scratch and steadily build it up to a point at which you can truly claim that it is achieving success.

Even though I'm from Maryland, I am now experiencing DC from a perspective that I have not yet been able to appreciate in all my 19 years of growing up in the area, and that, I believe, is invaluable.

On campus, Suriya is co-president of the Harvard College Cyber Club and runs intramural sports for Leverett, and will soon be managing intramural sports for the entire campus. 

The Director’s Internship program is a signature of the IOP. Since 1995, the IOP has partnered with high-profile organizations and elected officials around the world to provide substantive, career-oriented summer internships for undergraduate students interested in politics, government, and public service. These are fully-funded internships that allow students to gain experience in the public sector that may otherwise be difficult to obtain or finance. Students have reported these internships as leading to careers, larger networks, and significant development of professional skills.

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