BrkADifference team wraps up work

The eleven-student IOP volunteer team assisting in hurricane relief efforts in Houston, including Nick Wyville ’20, Samantha Frenkel-Popell ’21 and Isabella Kwasnik ’20, headed home  after a week of community service as part of the BrkADifference program.

Here’s their final report from the field.

“In our last day spent in one of the homes, we were finally able to begin priming and painting. This weekend, rebuilding together will begin working on 20+ additional homes, and this particular home will be complete in less than a month. Today we head back to the airport to begin our spring semester!”

Other IOP volunteers who contributed their time and efforts were Shira Li ‘19, Shao Zhao ‘18, Colin Gray-Hoehn ‘21, Wyatt Hurt ‘21, David Xu ‘19, Ted Waechter ‘18, José Larios ‘20, and Michael Silva ’21.