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  1. Top 5 take-aways from the 2012 Institute of Politics Campaign Managers Conference

    November 30, 2012

    Every four years in the weeks following the presidential election, the Institute of Politics invites campaign managers from every presidential candidate to the IOP for a two-day conference. The media is invited to ask questions as those closest to the presidential campaigns share secrets, strategy, tactics and regrets..</p><p><h3>1. Romney spent a lot of time preparing for the debates</h3>Instead the campaign spent money after the Republican primary and before the Democratic National Convention to define Romney.

  2. Institute of Politics students, fellows and friends react to election 2012 results

    November 12, 2012

    Harvard University's Institute of Politics has been the focal point of political discussion and engagement on campus and in the city of Cambridge since the Institute was founded in 1966. So, what better place to watch this year’s presidential election results roll in? On Tuesday, November 6, the IOP welcomed over 1,000 members of the Harvard community to the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum for an election night watch party.

  3. 3 with IOP: Video series with the biggest names in politics and public service

    October 12, 2012

    Each week the biggest experts in politics and public service come through our doors to engage members of the Harvard community in discussions on to current hot button issues. In order to capture these great minds and be able to share their insights with those not located near 79 JFK street, we began a new video series called “3 with IOP.” We ask our guests three relevant questions on their area of expertise and film their responses to share on YouTube and thus with the greater community.