5 Minutes to Becoming a Turbo Voter

This summer, the Institute of Politics announced a new initiative to register Harvard undergraduate students to vote. Beginning this semester, all students completing their check-in before arriving on campus have the opportunity to register to vote in U.S. elections using TurboVote. This easy system allows students to register in any state, obtain absentee ballots, and even receive text message reminders for upcoming elections. 

So far, more than 1,300 students have registered or signed up to receive absentee ballots using TurboVote during their Harvard check-in. Check out the video above for the easy steps to register.

To launch this campus-wide initiative, the IOP collaborated with Democracy Works, Inc., a national nonprofit organization co-founded by Kennedy School alumni Seth Flaxman ’11 and Kathryn Peters, HKS ‘11, and the Harvard Registrar’s Office, employing a widely-used Oracle platform called Peoplesoft Campus Solutions.

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