3 with IOP: Video series with the biggest names in politics and public service

Each week the biggest experts in politics and public service come through our doors to engage members of the Harvard community in discussions on to current hot button issues. In order to capture these great minds and be able to share their insights with those not located near 79 JFK street, we began a new video series called “3 with IOP.” We ask our guests three relevant questions on their area of expertise and film their responses to share on YouTube and thus with the greater community. Our mission is to encourage young people to get involved in politics and public service, but we want to encourage everyone to get involved and this is our way of sharing thought leaders with the world.

3 with IOP: Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick: Massachusetts Governer Deval Patrick talks to the IOP about why it is important to get students involved in political discussions, why politics can still be considered a noble pursuit, and gives advice to young people interested in pursuing a career in politics and public service.


3 with IOP: Americans Elect Peter Ackerman: Founder and chief funder of Americans Elect Peter Ackerman talks to the IOP about a new nominating process, a way for candidates to come to power without having to succumb to the demands of one party or the other, and how Angus King's election in Maine can serve as an example for other candidates to follow.


3 with IOP: Jennifer Pahlka: Founder and Executive Director of Code for America Jennifer Pahlka talks to the IOP about how technology can save governments.