Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative - Office of the Mayor, City of Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN
Federal / State / Local Government

Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative - Office of the Mayor, City of Chattanooga

LOCATION: Chattanooga, TN, USA

INDUSTRY: Federal/State/Local Government

FORMAT: Our office is able to host an IN-PERSON intern. We envision the internship to be an in-person, hybrid format. While there is room to have a dedicated work spot, the intern would ideally work "remotely" (in city hall / community locations), while attending most community engagement meetings in-person. This is how I, and our current Bloomberg-Harvard Fellow, works.

TIME ZONE: Eastern

WORKING HOURS: There is flexibility regarding which hours the intern works.

ABOUT US: The Mayor's Office is a comprehensive office engaged in all functions of local governance. The intern is contemplated to work under the portfolio of myself and our Harvard-Bloomberg Fellow, with freedom to jump on projects of interest within those workflows. Initiatives include: affordable housing, city planning/zoning, homelessness, supportive housing, blight remediation, Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities implementation (if selected), veteran engagement (internal & external), and Workforce Development.

RESPONSIBILITIES & PROJECTS: Within those workflows, the intern would have the ability to engage in a number of functions like data & statistical analysis, product development, community engagement, project proposals, grant writing, legislative research, and plan development.

SPECIALIZED SKILLS: No specialized skills are required. We would work with the talent and experiential background of the intern.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The work environment is typical of a Mayoral Office, responsive to emerging events while maintaining planned projects. The intern would have a supportive environment that translates the ambiguity of local government into creditable projects for academic purposes. The intern would be invited to participate in Office events in the same manner as permanent staff. We would also include the intern into any programing done via our standard internship program.


  • Access to high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Laptop on Loan from Host Organization
  • Everything required will be provided by the City. A personal cell-phone would make scheduling more flexible for the intern.