Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative - City of Newark

Newark, New Jersey
Federal / State / Local Government

Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative - City of Newark 


INDUSTRY: Federal/State/Local Government

FORMAT: Our office is able to host a REMOTE OR IN-PERSON intern (depending on mutual preference). Format will be determined by intern's availability and preference. No preference will be given for interns who can work in-person versus remotely. 

TIME ZONE: Eastern

WORKING HOURS: The intern needs to keep the same business hours as our office., There is flexibility regarding which hours the intern works. The internship can be done with a large degree of independence, and time zones are not relevant.

ABOUT US: The student will support key initiatives within the Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellowship at the City of Newark, which is a fellowship in municipal leadership tasked with supporting cities across the U.S. in developing and deepening capabilities to address pressing municipal challenges. This internship would be a great fit for students interested in local government, political research, or innovative solutions.

RESPONSIBILITIES & PROJECTS: The specific project will be developed alongside the student and their interests, but some initiatives we are working on include data analysis for city contracting with a focus on equity allocation, case study research on innovation strategies in cities across the U.S., strategic planning development for community outreach, reshaping our service intake (4311) framework to proactively and creatively serve residents.

SPECIALIZED SKILLS: Ideally an understanding of Excel, Airtable, Monday, Miro systems but not necessary.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The student will meet regularly with the Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellow, and occasionally with the Chief of Staff to the Business Administrator who supervises the Fellowship. The internship will be set up for collaboration with the City Hall Fellow to promote professional and personal mentorship.


  • Access to high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Personal Laptop or Laptop on Loan from Host Organization
  • Web Camera
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)