Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative: City of Paterson, NJ - City Hall

Paterson, NJ
Federal / State / Local Government

Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative: City of Paterson, NJ - City Hall



FORMAT: Our office is able to host a REMOTE OR IN-PERSON intern (depending on mutual preference). In person is highly recommended as to maximize the experience and learning process of the intern, regarding the dynamics and interactions of a City Hall, among others. However, if the intern prefers a remote experience, that's doable as well.

TIME ZONE: Eastern

WORKING HOURS: The intern needs to keep the same business hours as our office. Depends if remote or in-person format. If remote, there is more flexibility.

INDUSTRY: Federal/State/Local Government

ABOUT US: The City of Paterson, is the 3rd largest city in New Jersey and the largest of Passaic County. Paterson's Mayor; André Sayegh, currently in his 2nd term as Mayor, holds a Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Columbia University. During his administrations, Paterson has seen the development of multiple projects and initiatives, such as being the winner of the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge and hosting a Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellow since August of 2023 aiming to increase capital and human resources to tackle the different challenges in the City Hall.

This summer internship will be focused on helping with the City Hall's anchor challenge of improving processes related to development projects by using technology, innovation and data to become paperless and generate efficiencies for both the City employees and our constituents. This will imply working with the current Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellow, as part of an overlap between the Administrator's Office (which is in charge of the City Hall's management) and the Department of Economic Development. This internship position provides access to decision makers, agency in project and opportunities to generate direct impact while learning about the complexities of government.



  • Streamline complex processes, and identify areas of opportunity for collaboration across divisions/departments for process improvements.
  • Setting up indicators to measure efficiency, approved / failed applications, constituents experience and feedback, among others.
  • Propose data visualization tools and data collection opportunities.
  • Strategize approaches to engage constituents regarding online processes and facilitate their experience with permits, licenses and other applications.
  • Support in generation of guides and content for the new innovation and technology cohort in the City Hall.
  • Generate reports / policy memos and documentation of work and strategies.


  • Discerning and critical thinking are the most important skills. With them, if you really have the enthusiasm to learn, and are passionate about generating impact and tackling complex challenges in government, you'll be fully equipped to implement the technical learning you've had at college so far and complement this with new knowledge on the field, when real action happens every day.
  • Statistical & Data Analysis is desired/preferred but not mandatory

WORK ENVIRONMENT: The working environment will provide lots of opportunities to access to decision makers, mayoral innovative projects, agency in the different strategies and lines of action. The administration has a very horizontal organizational structure, empowering people to implement ideas and projects. There will be plenty of opportunities of social connection and networking, and contact with different stakeholders to understand their views and identify opportunities to improve and generate more impact in the work. 


  • Access to high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Laptop on loan from host organization
  • Web Camera
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)