Women's Initiative in Leadership

The Women’s Initiative in Leadership (WIL) is a program aimed to connect students in the Harvard community to inspiring women in various fields and points of their career. WIL equips Harvard students of all gender and gender identities with the necessary tools to become future leaders in politics and a variety of industries. The program features weekly discussions with accomplished women from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. These women speakers will serve as panelists and WIL members have the opportunity to learn from and network with these industry leaders. The program also features three workshops throughout the semester in which WIL members can gain the necessary skills for the workplace and everyday life. These workshops include topics ranging from salary negotiation to personal branding.

WIL was a unique opportunity to learn from unbelievably inspiring women who shared their ideas, dreams and stories about the importance of women in leadership, either from their experience in long outstanding careers or from the young, passionate perspectives.

- Nicole Piedra

The Women’s Initiative in Leadership meets for one hour every Friday and for one hour on workshop days every other Tuesday. WIL members can expect to meet and engage with high-achieving women in professions such as public policy, journalism, business, and tech. After completing their semester in WIL, participants will become members of the WIL Alumni community with the tools necessary for leadership in the 21st century.
Chaired by: Lena Lofgren | llofgren@college.harvard.edu