Women's Initiative in Leadership

The Women’s Initiative in Leadership, also known as WIL, is designed to emphasize the importance of leadership for students at Harvard and to encourage the skills necessary for their success. The program features accomplished women from a diverse range of disciplines that engage with students each week in the form of a speaker series. WIL also hosts a variety of workshops during which our students can practice and strengthen their leadership skills throughout the semester. WIL welcomes applicants of all genders and gender identities.

WIL was a unique opportunity to learn from unbelievably inspiring women who shared their ideas, dreams and stories about the importance of women in leadership, either from their experience in long outstanding careers or from the young, passionate perspectives.

- Nicole Piedra

Madeleine Albright

The Women’s Initiative in Leadership meets for one hour every Friday and for one hour every other Tuesday. WIL members can expect to meet and engage with high-achieving professionals in  law and politics, journalism, business, tech, the sciences, and health, among others. Skills-based workshops aim to enhance public speaking skills, internship and career skills, as well as salary negotiation and facilitating difficult conversations in the workplace. After completing their semester in WIL, participants will become members of the WIL Alumni community with the tools necessary for leadership as participants and graduates in the 21st century.


Chaired by Reade Rossman | rrossman@college.harvard.edu