Gary Cohn and Senator Heidi Heitkamp | Spring 2019

The Real State of the Union

Week 1: Debt, Deficit and Despair

Where are we and where are we heading?
Tax and fiscal policy
Is 4% economic growth possible?

Week 2: Our Healthcare System Is On Life Support. Should We Pull The Plug?

Demographic trends
Health care successes

Week 3: Medicare and Social Security. You Call Them Entitlements, I Call Them Earned Benefits...Either Way They Are Breaking The Bank

Retirement insecurity only getting worse
Solutions are illusive

Week 4: Where Have All The Workers Gone? And Where Are All The Jobs?

Immigration policy
The future of work

Week 5: Globalization vs. Nationalism: What A Stupid Fight

Trade deficits: good or bad?
Does America really need trade?
The myth of worker vs. trade policy

Week 6: Things That Go Bump In The Night: Emerging National Security Threats

New weapons of mass destruction
Russia and China's Western Hemisphere threat
The Arctic
And that is not the half of it

Week 7: Is Suburban Vs. Collar The New Urban Vs. Rural?

Voting power of suburbanites in the last 3 elections
Voting power of the religious in the last 3 elections
What does this mean for the rest of us?

Week 8: Lead Or Get Out Of The Way

America at a cross road
The need for lead. How about a little fact and vision?