Study Groups

Study groups present a tremendous opportunity for students to learn informally from leading public servants, political practitioners, journalists, academics, and more. Organized as semester-long, not-for-credit weekly seminars, study groups are hosted by the Institute's Fellows and other distinguished group leaders. Study group topics range from local to global issues, and are offered in a variety of formats, including project-based working groups, skill-building workshops, and traditional Q&A-based discussion groups.

Fall 2018 Study Group Schedule

Room Monday
(4:30–5:45 PM)
(4:30–5:45 PM)
(4:30–5:45 PM)


Congressman Joe Heck

Finding the Middle Ground: The Art of Governing



Brittany Packnett

All Power to All the People: Redefining Power, Social Movements, and Intersectional Activism



Margaret Talev

The Briefing Room: Decoding the White House in the Age of Trump





Amy Dacey

The Glass Ceiling Was Cracked—What’s Our Plan to Break It?




John Noonan

Politics by Other Means: The Future of National Security and Diplomacy in a Polarized Land




Study Groups begin the week of Monday, September 17, 2018 and conclude the week of November 12, 2018.
  • All study groups are closed to the press and not for attribution.

An archive of past study group outlines is available here