STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

Harvard IOP Steam

The IOP Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) Program is focused on exploring and promoting an interdisciplinary study of politics. With that, STEAM benefits from a wide variety of options for topics to study. Today more than ever it is essential to know the political ramifications of advancing science, arts, and increasing use of technology. Issues such as climate change and data privacy as well as the increasing presence of big data and data manipulation require leaders with extensive experience and knowledge in STEAM. 

STEAM is a project based group, in which students are put in groups of 4-6 and paired with a faculty commissioner to work on a semester long research project, which can take the form of anything from a whitepaper, presentation, engineering project, campaign, etc. The group meets weekly and members engage closely with their teams and project commissioners. Although each project is different, students typically conduct research for the project, brainstorm ideas with their team, and implement various ideas or designs. Frequent communication with project commissioners also allow students to engage deeply with an exciting field. 

Past STEAM projects have covered topics such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, solar geoengineering, public leadership in a technological age, and integrating arts in education. Many of STEAM’s projects involve either new and emerging fields, or new and innovative ways to tackle the most pressing political issues of our time. 

For the fall semester of 2019, STEAM is looking forward to undertaking projects on topics including:

  • Investigating the effectiveness of data standards on the public’s behavior 

  • Cybersecurity policy

  • How Harvard and other large institutions can curb air travel emissions

  • Creating STEM education that encourages leadership in public policy


Chaired by: Aidan Gibbons |​