Politics of Race and Ethnicity

The Politics of Race and Ethnicity program at the Institute of Politics is primarily a discussion-based group focused on questioning and analyzing the role of identity, especially race and ethnicity, in the political sphere. Created in 2014, PRE strives to fill the gap in IOP programming focused on the intersection of race, ethnicity, and politics by inviting guests speakers, hosting workshops, and facilitating student-led dialogue on topics including but not limited to minority political engagement, representation, moral versus career aspirations, immigration reform, health policy, criminal justice, and community action. Speakers, skills development, and an open community to honestly discuss personal experiences and challenges are helpful not just to engage students, but also to support their navigation of the political atmosphere in consideration of systemic prejudice on the basis of religion, race, gender, citizenship, and sexual orientation.

PRE is a community driven by its members, and their passions. Our discussions reflect the interests of our members and their input is vital to the life of the program. Each member has the ability to drive discussion and learning in a manner that best suits them through weekly dialogue. PRE’s founding principle is that conversations about race and ethnicity are central to our understanding of American politics, and that everyone has valuable thoughts and experiences to add to our conversations on such issues.

Curious about PRE programming and want to learn more? Please click here to view a recent PRE discussion with guest Binalakshmi Nepram, 2021 Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy.

Co-chaired by: Hiren Lami | hirenlami@college.harvard.edu
Co-chaired by: Trey Sullivan | tsullivan@college.harvard.edu