The Policy Program

The Policy Program includes groups of undergraduates united over a common interest in a particular policy area. Groups meet regularly, research their area of interest, and produce a brief policy proposal of their findings. The program allows undergraduates to take the time to study an issue they are passionate about, explore potential policy solutions, and advocate for those solutions.

    Institute of Politics Collaboration with Massachusetts State Senate Legislative Education Office

    For the last four years, the Institute’s Policy Program program has collaborated with the Massachusetts State Senate Legislative Education Office to place undergraduates in Senate or committee offices seeking research assistance on current or future policy issues. Students have assisted with policy research on a diverse range of topics, from identity theft to juvenile justice to court ordered detox programs in the Commonweath.  Recently, students researched the following topics:

    • Sexual assault on college campuses
    • Bail reform in the Commonwealth
    • Education as a civil rights issue
    • Highschool dropout prevention and recovery
    • Regulation of CT scans and patient diagnostic services
    • Role of federal transportation funding in Metropolitan Planning Organizations
    • Utilizing technology to innovate at the municipal government level

    Policy Papers written by Undergraduate Student Policy Program: