John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

The John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum provides a special platform for the Harvard community to engage with amazing guest speakers from around the world. Past speakers include heads of state; leaders in politics, business, arts, and the media; academics; and activists. The Forum often begins with a speech, panel discussion, or debate over a pressing topic. It will then conclude with an unscripted question and answer session between the audience and the Forum speakers. The access to guests through Q&A provides students with an unrivaled connection to world events, issues, and leaders. This is what makes the Forum a place where people can consistently learn and be inspired. Members of the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum Committee are responsible for assisting the Forum staff with the logistics and production of these events. This includes pre-announce, ushering, community outreach, reaching out to potential guests, and drafting briefings. The committee also helps with brainstorming ideas for future Forum events and has weekly meetings on Friday.

Click here to explore over thirty years of Forum videos in our extensive archive, including landmark appearances by Bryan Stevenson, Malala Yousafzai, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Caesar Chavez, Ban Ki-moon, and Kofi Annan, and more.

Co-chaired by: Hannah Bottarel |
Co-chaired by: Carson Kurad |