Vote Early Day

Vote Early Day

LOCATION: Washington D.C.

Our office is able to host a REMOTE OR IN-PERSON intern (depending on mutual preference).


WORKING HOURS: There is flexibility regarding which hours the intern works.

ABOUT US: When Americans vote early, they ensure last minute problems, long lines at the polls, or the on-going global pandemic cannot prevent them from casting their ballot. But voting early rules - both for in-person and by-mail options - vary widely all over the country, which can cause confusion and prevent voters from casting their ballots. Vote Early Day is a nonpartisan collaboration of nonprofits, businesses, election administrators, media companies, and influencers working to ensure all Americans know their options to vote early so they can overcome the obstacles that arise when voters wait until Election Day. Vote early day is a movement to ensure voters know Election Day is the last day to vote, not the only day. We were founded by MTV as a new civic holiday focused on helping every voter know how, where, and when they can vote early. Launched in the midst of a global pandemic, Vote Early Day became a critical resource to ensure no voter had to choose between their health and casting their ballot. In our first celebration, Vote Early Day attracted 134 premier partners and 2,700 community partners from every state in the nation. Over 3,000,000 voters cast their ballots on Vote Early Day alone.


Interns will work in collaboration with national partners and grassroots organizations to build celebrations in every state, focused on helping Americans learn about their options to vote early. We are not looking for people to run errands or bring coffee to staff meetings. Vote Early Day is looking for dynamic individuals who care deeply about empowering every American to cast their ballot early and are eager to step into leadership roles, work diligently, and be an integral part of our team. Vote Early Day is a small team, so there will be opportunities for innovation and ownership of projects.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Trusted management of multifaceted projects with various levels of complexity and responsibility
  • Creating materials and tools for partners on the ground to ensure they know all the steps to build successful activations from start to finish
  • Hosting trainings and webinars help partners learn important aspects about how to build their activations and highlight key reasons why this work is important
  • Recruiting community and national partners and supporting their work through regular communication, answering questions, and finding create opportunities for them to collaborate with others celebrating
  • Prospecting for new partners by creatively thinking through business sectors, constituency groups, advocacy organizations, and other people who should be celebrating with us in the fall -Tracking data and outcomes from conversations with partners to help us build a comprehensive view of what is happening in every state leading up to Vote Early Day
  • Maintaining up to date metrics so we can have tangible measure of our success and a clear sense of areas for improvement
  • Event planning support and encouragement for community partners on the ground and actual event logistics for tentpole national events
  • Researching potential partners to best understand how engaging in Vote Early Day can meaningfully advance their mission and lead to voter empowerment
  • Regular communication with staff and partners to make sure all projects are moving forward on time, within budget, and in line with our goals
  • Social media drafting and management to help spread the word about the work of our partners and this growing movement
  • Utilizing your unique skills and attributes that make you special


  • Showing up on time for all scheduled hours, staff meetings, and other required events
  • Following the direction and instruction of Vote Early Day staff and project leaders
  • Adhering to Vote Early Day policies to keep our work safe and healthy and our workplace discrimination and abuse free
  • Acting with integrity and in such a way that reflects well on Vote Early Day
  • Responding promptly to Vote Early Day staff communications
  • Understanding your assigned tasks and seeking appropriate support and clarification as needed -Assisting other team members and interns on other campaigns as needed.
  • Qualifications:
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have relevant experience such as organizing, event planning, campaign work, or other advocacy work - but it is not required
  • Applicants must believe in the work and mission of Vote Early Day and show a clear passion for empowering every voter to cast their ballot and have their voice heard
  • Applicants must be hard-working, on-time, and dependable
  • Applicants must be able to have fun and energize themselves and their peers
  • Applicants should have the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing events and organizational needs
  • Applicants must have strong people skills and be able to work with a diverse group of people
  • Applicants must be well organized and able to keep a schedule

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Vote Early Day was founded by MTV and today has many national partners (Twitter, Snapchat, Patagonia, Univision, Bad Robot, Reddit, YMCA, etc) that interns will have an opportunity to network and work directly with these partners to build a successful celebration in 2022. The Vote Early Day team is a small, scrappy team that is in process of expanding. We do this work because we are passionate about ensuring every American has the opportunity to cast their ballot and know that voting early is a key way to accomplish that goal. We are looking for interns who share that passion and want to be an integral part of building something special. This will be an opportunity to create and impact for American voters, expand your national connections, and work with amazing corporate and nonprofit leaders.

EQUIPMENT: Personal laptop, Smart Phone, Web Camera

Washington, D.C.