U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

A Director's Internship in the office of U.S. Senator Shaheen is an excellent way to learn firsthand how our government works, and to play an important role in a U.S. Senate office. Students will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience by assisting the Senator's professional staff with administrative tasks and press.

Internship Description:

Legislative and correspondence duties. The Director's Intern will be able to observe the inner workings of the federal government. Working with the Washington staff gives students a chance to see how the Senate functions, and how it interacts with the other branches of government. Additionally, interns are encouraged to take advantage of everything Capitol Hill has to offer, including listening to floor debate, attending congressional hearings, seminars and speeches, utilizing Senate research facilities, and visiting Washington's museums. The Director's Intern will be required to participate in a broad range of office operations, ensuring a well-rounded experience.


2019 Intern Reflection:

Working on The Hill has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. It has been a privilege to work in the epicenter of U.S. politics and to be able to witness the legislative process in action. Working in the Senate, I have had access to so many interesting briefings, events, and people. The staffers in Senator Shaheen's office have been especially welcoming and open to meeting one on one to talk about their jobs and how they decided that they wanted to pursue a career in politics.

While my days at the office vary a lot depending on what is going on, a typical day consists of recording constituent mail, answering phone calls, creating a record of the top issues that constituents contacted the office about, and writing letters to constituents. I particularly enjoy writing letters to constituents. I find it fascinating to see the variety of issues that Granite Staters care about and contact the office about. The most exciting day at the office was the day when I had the privilege of shadowing Senator Shaheen. I was able to attend all of her non-classified meetings and interact with both her and other members of the U.S. Senate. Working in Senator Shaheen's office has been a wonderful experience and I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.

Alexandra Norris '21

2018 Intern Reflection:

Working as a Hilltern (an intern that works on the Hill) has been a fantastic experience. It is a privilege to live and work in the country’s capital and political epicenter. It is indeed a once in a lifetime experience to have such access to a Senator and their staff, the Capitol, and all of the resources of Congress. The atmosphere is exciting, and even the smallest tasks are rewarding. The daily tasks of the internship include working on the front desk and taking constituent calls, logging constituent mail, and creating daily content trackers. One of the most eye-opening aspects has been taking constituent calls and listening to the diverse opinions of Granite Staters and the American people in general. In fact, taking constituent calls has allowed me to practice restraint and maintain composure in the face of challenging, and sometimes even insulting calls. However, despite the difficulty of some calls it has been uplifting to see how passionate and genuine Americans are about politics, government, and policy issues.

Beyond the everyday duties, it is the additional tasks assigned to you by staffers that make the internship substantive. So far I have written up a memo on the Trump Administration’s border patrol policy, attended a hearing on money laundering in the United States, and witnessed the questioning of Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. Senator Shaheen’s Office is a very welcoming environment. Interns are encouraged to grab coffee with legislative assistants and correspondents, reach out to staffers that manage policy areas of interest to them, and sit in on hearings and briefings. This internship experience has allowed me to gain an “insider” perspective of the goings on of the government and caused me to have an even greater appreciation of the meaningful work our elected officials do every day.

Elma Sarajlija '21

2017 Intern Reflection: 

Working on the Hill has been amazing because every day offers the chance of a new experience. One of the coolest tasks is running papers over to the cloak room. This small errand allows you to walk into the beautiful halls of the Capitol and almost guarantees you a Senator sighting. Other tasks like giving tours allow you to learn the history of the building and wander into the famous Rotunda; theses jobs have made me realize what an honor it is for me to work in our nation’s Capital. The atmosphere is exciting and you constantly feel like you are at the epicenter of the country’s political activity.

The daily tasks of the internship include logging constituent mail into a database, answering calls at the front desk, and finding news clips for the press team. I have truly enjoyed hearing constituents opinion’s because it has made me appreciate the wide range of opinions that exist in this country. Beyond these duties, it is the extra tasks given to you by the staff that make the internship meaningful. We were encouraged to reach out to the legislative correspondents and assistants who handle the topics we are interested in and once you do so, they are very receptive to speaking with you and to giving you opportunities. I have attended a briefing on telecommunications, written a Statement of Awareness about health care, and drafted a memo regarding energy. Each experience has shaped my understanding of how the executive branch functions and given me further admiration of the work done in the federal government

Heather Brown '19 

Washington, D.C.