Trilogy Interactive

Digital Strategy Summer Fellowship Description:

As a Trilogy Interactive Summer Fellow, you will play a crucial role on our team as we manage, develop, and launch digital communications strategies for our progressive political and nonprofit clients. Trilogy's staff will also work with you to improve your skills and understanding of political communications and online organizing.

Fellowship Details

Trilogy offers full-time summer fellowships at its Berkeley, CA office, with a possibility of a position at its Washington, DC office. Ideal candidates will have an interest and familiarity in electoral politics and campaigning, in particular those interested in the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing.

Candidates must have strong communication and quantitative skills, strict attention to detail, a sense of curiosity, and a willingness to explore new ideas. Basic technical skills (Photoshop, HTML, CSS) are preferred but not required.

Responsibilities include:

  • Producing and performing quality assurance testing on email blasts;
  • Drafting copy for use in blast emails, social media, and online advertising programs;
  • Compiling digital performance metrics and preparing reports for clients;
  • Exploring and implementing new digital tools;
  • Managing and maintaining the online presence for clients, including websites and social media profiles;
  • Building basic web graphics and web pages.

Who We Are

Trilogy Interactive is a leading digital consulting firm focused on helping progressive political causes and non-profit organizations succeed by maximizing opportunities in digital marketing, online fundraising, and online advocacy.

Clients include or have included the Senate campaigns of Patrick Leahy (VT), Chuck Schumer (NY), and Maria Cantwell (WA); gubernatorial campaigns including Jay Inslee (WA); political organizations, such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, California Democratic Party, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's Democratic Victory Fund; unions like SEIU, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, AFSCME; and advocacy organizations including League of Conservation Voters, Patients for Affordable Drug Prices, and the ACLU.

This position is available for summer at either our Washington, DC or Berkeley, CA office, with Berkeley preferred. Please indicate in your application which location you prefer.


2019 Intern Reflection:

Interning at Trilogy has opened my eyes to a whole variety of knowledge that is required in the digital strategy sector. In my time here so far, I’ve created revenue reports in excel, built emails with IBM, and sat in on client calls. I’ve worked in Adobe Indesign, locked down ad marketing basics, drafted social media posts -- and that’s just a taste. Through learning these technical skills, I’ve also had a lot of opportunity to further engage myself in the political realm and access people who know a lot about how political campaigns function behind the scenes. The people at Trilogy are warm and many are young and passionate about progressive social causes. Trilogy fosters an environment where people can share and learn from each other, not just through consistent internal meetings but also by constantly sharing with coworkers news articles and social posts they’ve seen throughout the day. As the digital realm only grows increasingly important in every part of our lives (including politics), interning at a firm like Trilogy will introduce you to the corner of political strategy that is sure to become a cornerstone in the coming ages.

JuHye Mun '22

2018 Intern Reflection: 

Trilogy Interactive is an incredible place to work. The members of the Trilogy team are hard-working and efficient, yet relaxed and always ready to have a laugh. So far, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, each supervised by different people in the office. Projects so far have involved data analysis, background research, email building on software such as silver pop using HTML and CSS, drafting emails for mailing lists with over 120,000 people, working on advertising for non-for-profit organisations, and brainstorming tweet ideas for prominent political figures, amongst others.

Along with each project comes different challenges, but the supportive Trilogy members are always more than willing to help. I am very grateful for the skills that Trilogy Interactive has taught me, and am glad I have had the opportunity to contribute to a bigger goal of creating social change and propelling movements. I could not recommend this internship more highly, especially for anyone who is interested in digital campaigning, and gaining a greater insight into politics behind the scenes.

Sarah Tisdall '20

2017 Intern Reflection: 

From my first day at Trilogy, I was welcomed into the office with warmth and kindness. The office culture at Trilogy, a start-up in Berkeley California, is extremely friendly and hard-working. Because the company is relatively small, I had opportunity to get to know everyone, and their roles and responsibilities within Trilogy. It was phenomenal to have the chance to meet with almost everyone in the office for a training on their work, which ranged from advertising to social media to project management to email production (for political candidates, sitting senators and non-profits). And, through these trainings, I was able to understand the entire company as a whole and thus better figure out the best role for me during my internship.

Since Trilogy is a start-up, I was able to work on a host of different projects that focused on everything from political research, to data management, to web development to email drafting and editing for clients. Trilogy works with a range of political candidates and non-profits, which allowed me the chance not only to be versed in national politics and policy, but local politics as well.

I recommend this job to anyone who wants to combine their love for technology with their passion for politics. I recommend this job to self-starters and motivators. Trilogy gives you the freedom to focus your work on what your passionate about, choosing a long-term project that best fits your expertise when you are not working short-term projects the team needs help with or in meetings with political candidates and non-profits.

I am so happy I was able to spend my summer at Trilogy, learning skills, such as client management, political research, effective fundraising techniques and web development that will serve me throughout my schooling and career. Could not recommend Trilogy enough!

Melia Henderson '19

San Francisco / Bay Area, CA