LOCATION: Washington, D.C.

INDUSTRY: Advocacy / Grassroots

ABOUT US: Rise is a national, nonpartisan movement built on training everyday Americans to access democracy through legislative action. Founded by Amanda Nguyen, Rise has passed a Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights in 26 states and the District of Columbia, as well as a unanimous Congressional bill signed into law by President Obama in 2016. This movement was built by volunteers around the country that come to us to be trained, mentored, and coached through the legislative process, while leading our efforts on the ground. Rise has expanded this idea to efforts to pass a resolution to establish survivors' rights as a global issue through the United Nations General Assembly and to issues outside of sexual assault through our Rise Justice Labs accelerator program.

For more general information about Rise, you can read profiles by The Guardian, People Magazine, an interview with The Boston Globe, or watch a short clips from Vice on HBO and MTV.

RESPONSIBILITIES & PROJECTS: Rise interns contribute to the day to day and long term success of Rise in every way imaginable. Our interns have lobbied Congress, hosted United Nations briefings, passed bills, and more. Rise interns are expected to exhibit an aptitude for research and writing, a passion for positive social change, and an ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

REMOTE WORK ENVIRONMENT: At this point we've had a lot of practice running a virtual office, and with our Spring 2021 class we are approaching our third entirely-remote intern class. Our interns join us on daily staff video calls and internal communication is encouraged to take place over video. Our staff depend on Slack for communication throughout the day and we host regular virtual social hours where staff, interns, and volunteers can connect and socialize.


WORKING HOURS: The intern needs to keep the same business hours as our office.

EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE: Access to high-speed Wi-Fi, Personal laptop, Smart Phone, Web Camera

2020 Intern Reflection:

Working at Rise has been an amazing experience this summer- even remote! All of the staff and other interns are so passionate about the work they do, it feels like even the smallest of assignments have an impact on people's lives. Rise is an organization that works to advocate for and pen the civil rights of survivors into existence. They focus on passing bills and securing access to justice for survivors of sexual violence on all levels, from the state to the international level. I work under a staff member at Rise who focuses on both the Civil Rights Accelerator, where we help people pen their own civil rights into existence about topics that matter to them, and on their UN portfolio. These are the things I was most interested in going into this internship but there are an endless amount of topics you could work with so it's easy to find something you're both passionate about and interested in learning more about.

My day to day work changes consistently- no two days are quite alike. Often, I spend my time researching and writing which has helped strengthen both of those skills for me immensely. One project that was especially memorable was a virtual briefing Rise co-hosted at the United Nations to address survivors of sexual and domestic violence during the pandemic and push ambassadors and their countries governments to take responsibility of this issue. It was fascinating to help with the preparation for this event and equally as eye-opening to see all these high level ambassadors and diplomats come together to address a problem that means so much to me. If you're passionate about advocating for survivors and learning while you do it- this is the internship for you!

-Sawyer Taylor-Arnold '23

2019 Intern Reflection:

Rise has been an incredible place to work. Everyone has been helpful and supportive throughout my time here so far. My portfolio is primarily related to domestic policy, which has been spent attending meetings with legislators, researching legislation, and aiding our state based efforts. Since I've started we have had two different state bills pass and be signed into law. We are also doing work with the United Nations, which has involved lots of research into foreign ambassadors and keeping up to date with the status of survivors' rights in other countries.

-Justin McMahan '21

2018 Intern Reflection:

Rise has been a great place to work! The office itself is small and you'll get to work really hard and see actual results. I mostly work on policy advocacy which typically involves everything from scheduling to attending meetings with legislators, and doing research on people and legislation. We've also recently been working on a UN resolution which has involved doing lots of research on similar international efforts.

Since I've been here Amanda was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, I helped organize a hearing for the Senate Judiciary Committee (which involved getting to meet Terry Crews) and I've seen 2 state bills pass and 2 others get signed.

-Sarah Ryan '20

2017 Intern Reflection:

Working at Rise has been a huge eye-opener. We're involved in direct policy advocacy, meaning I get to do everything from researching legislation to sitting in meetings with legislators. I also help schedule, draft social media, plan political strategy, and fundraise. I've learned a huge amount about how the political process works and have gotten to meet many amazing, driven people. Amanda, the founder of Rise, is an especially inspiring and accomplished person to work with -- she's evidence that you're never too young to make a real difference in the world.

Rise is a small team of great people that I've gotten to know really well. Be prepared to learn quickly, work hard, and see results. I've seen 2 laws get passed while I've been on the team!

-Amelia Goldberg '19

Washington, D.C.