Republican Governors Association

The Republican Governors Association is dedicated to one primary objective: electing and supporting Republican governors. Republicans now hold a majority of 27 governorships as millions of Americans enjoy the strong leadership provided by Republican chief executives. All across the country, Republican governors are implementing innovative ideas, growing jobs and achieving meaningful reform. 2019 will see three gubernatorial elections: in Republican controlled Kentucky & Mississippi, and Democratic controlled Louisiana.

The RGA is seeking interns to work alongside the fulltime staff of our Fundraising, Communications, and Political Departments. The RGA does its utmost to minimize busy work and further the personal experience and skillset of its interns, and office management work is kept to a minimum whenever possible. When applying, applicants should specify their preference of department, and their resumes should reflect relevant experience to that area of focus.

Fundraising Department:

Fundraising interns are taught the basics of operating and maintaining corporate and individual donor programs. They learn to conduct research and prospect for new members using a variety of databases and online sources, assist with the preparation of all membership marketing & correspondence, and learn to maintain a fundraising database. Fundraising interns also assist the Fundraising team in the preparation and execution of donor events.

Communications Department:

Communications interns work directly with our Communications Director, with the goal of being trained and prepared to join the press office of a campaign, sitting elected official, or committee. Our interns assist with national and statewide media monitoring, assist in drafting press releases & news summaries, build statewide & national media lists, and take part in drafting social media content.

Political Department:

Political interns learn the basics of political research and tracking. The RGA does not conduct field work outside of Washington, DC, but remains politically active in all states. The political intern’s day-to-day work will change largely on the needs of the Political team itself. Past work has included transcribing video and audio of our candidate tracking program, conducting research on both Democratic and Republican candidates, and compiling the political history of past primary & general elections.

Washington, D.C.