Maine Democratic Party

As Maine Democrats, we believe that government at every level should work for the people and that everyone should have a fair shot at success. These core beliefs guide our Democratic values — affordable and accessible health care, strong schools, higher incomes, and an economy that works for all Maine people, not just the wealthy few.

While winning elections always is and has been our goal, over the last four years in particular, we’ve drastically changed our approach to how we accomplish that. Gone are the days of “on years” and “off years,” and building up a huge staff in even years while getting by with little more than a skeleton crew in odd years is a thing of the past. While we certainly ramp up our activities and programs in election years, we’ve been able to successfully maintain a presence in our communities and our state so that we’re organizing, fundraising, and talking about our Democratic candidates every day,  year in and year out.

The 2018 elections were a resounding success for the Maine Democratic Party and we saw our more comprehensive approach pay off in a big way for the organization and our Democratic candidates up and down the ticket. The secret to this success? Grassroots organizing. The Maine Democratic Party employed organizers and canvassers and had thousands of volunteers in every county to talk to their friends and neighbors. Utilizing volunteer power to have face to face conversations, one voter at a time, is how we built collective power to win.

We elected a Democrat to serve as our Governor after eight years of a Republican Governor; we elected a Democratic Majority in the Maine Senate while expanding the Democratic Majority in the Maine House of Representatives; in addition to re-electing Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, we unseated a Republican incumbent by electing Congressman Jared Golden.

As the Maine Democratic Party looks to 2020, we seek to defeat Senator Collins, to re-elect both of our Democratic Members of Congress, hold Majorities on both legislative chambers, and deliver Maine for our Democratic Presidential candidate while reclaiming the electoral vote lost to Donald Trump in 2016 (Maine splits electoral votes: two of the four go to the statewide winner, the remaining two are split according to which candidate won in each of our two Congressional districts).

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The Maine Democratic Party is looking for enthusiastic, politically-minded, future leaders for our Political & Organizing departments internship program.  Interns will get hands-on experience doing substantive work while learning the fundamentals of working in campaign politics. Intern(s) will be supervised by the Director of Political & Organizing to execute key organizing programs including developing grassroots volunteer infrastructure, executing voter contact efforts, digital organizing, collaborating with allied organizations, and managing the MDP’s “Run Local” program that trains Democrats to run for local office. Located just down the street from the state legislature, intern(s) will have the ability to observe the legislative process first hand.

An intern can expect to learn about key organizing fundamentals such as volunteer development and team building, data management and strategy, digital organizing and voter contact. Political & Organizing interns should love working with people, be goal-oriented, and be able to juggle multiple priorities at once. An intern in the Political & Organizing department will play a key role in developing the foundation for the campaign to defeat the last Republican from New England in Congress, Sen. Susan Collins. Intern(s) will have the opportunity to collaborate with other departments - Development, Data, Communications, Digital, and Finance/Compliance - providing a comprehensive experience of what it takes to plan, execute and win political campaigns. By the end of the internship, participants will be trained and ready to join the 2020 campaign trail or a progressive organization.


Location: Augusta, Maine

Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5pm or as determined

Logistics: Interns must have access to a cell phone and reliable transportation due to lack of public transportation throughout much of Maine.

Augusta, ME