Abby Bloomfield

Member of Parliament Rachel Reeves, London, England

Abby Bloomfield is a rising Junior in Leverett House. She studies Applied Math and Economics in the hopes of using her quantitive reasoning skills to benefit causes and organizations that she cares about. Abby's passion for government and public service led her to Harvard's Institute of Politics (IOP). At the IOP, she is a member of the Student Advisory Committee and co-chairs the Fellows and Study Group Program where she manages 40 students to host 6 politically prominent individuals each semester. Outside of the IOP, Abby co-led a tap-water campaign for the Class of 2020 and was a course assistant for multivariable calculus. Originally from Boulder Colorado, Abby's default expression is a smile. When not in Lamont (her favorite library), you can find her running along the Charles, watching an improv show, or debating current events with her roommates.