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2018 Intern Reflection:

Working at Indivisible has allowed me to see just how much power there is in grassroots organizing. Indivisible is right at the center of the resistance on all fronts. It's still difficult to wrap my head around the fact that there are at least two independent indivisible groups in every single congressional district in the country. I've been able to directly observe and assist the fight on ending family separation at the border and flipping the senate. This year, Indivisible is starting its first ever electoral endorsements program for the midterm elections. I've been able to work on exciting elections all throughout the summer. From vetting candidates that are up for a potential national endorsement, to analyzing turnout trends as primary elections happen, the work feels tangible and substantive. Besides the great work that Indivisible does, their staff have singlehandedly transformed the internship from a good one to a great one. Indivisible has made me feel supported, appreciated, and at home. This is truly an introduction to grassroots organizing that is worth your summer.

David Hernandez '20

Washington, D.C.
Advocacy / Grassroots