Human Campaign

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2018 Intern Reflection:

Of late, there has been a huge wave of activism around civil rights and human rights, but few people have been addressing the institutional issue at hand: there is no guarantee for men’s and women's equality in the US Constitution. This summer, alongside the founders of The Human Campaign, I have been working tirelessly to build an inclusive, empowering, and successful campaign to finally change that.

The Human Campaign is a new bipartisan organization working to attain full ratification of the equal rights amendment by 2020 - the 100 year anniversary of ratification of the 19th amendment. (#28 by 2020).

The beauty of this unconventional internship is that I never know what adventure each day will yield. Some days we are stationary at the home-office, others we are going to meetings with potential partners all over town. There is always more research to do, an application or memo to draft, or someone new to onboard. But the best part of it all is getting to work alongside three phenomenal women: Johanna Maska, Lina Esco, and Katie Packer Beeson.

Keziah Clarke '20

Los Angeles, CA