Hometown Director's Internship

***NOTE: There are multiple Hometown Director’s Internship positions available. You do not need to have confirmed your internship by the Director’s Internship application deadline. 

This opportunity can be IN-PERSON or REMOTE.

DESCRIPTION: The Hometown Director’s Internship celebrates public service along with the regional and geographic diversity of the Harvard undergraduate student population. The program encourages students to return to their local communities during the summer -- no matter the size and shape of your hometown -- to give back and get involved in City Hall, local non-profits, and community organizations. 

With this Director’s Internship, the IOP hopes to eliminate the financial barrier to hometown public service by offering students who accept non- or low-paying public-service oriented summer internships a place in the Director’s Internship program. 

In your statement of interest, please address: 

  • Why you’re interested in serving your hometown community this summer,  
  • Why your selected organization is an appropriate place to make a meaningful contribution, 
  • Where are you in the process of confirming your internship, and
  • How this experience fits into a broader mission of public service.

ELIGIBILITY: Students are responsible for obtaining their own internships and internships must take place with offices or organizations based in your hometown. Example internships include those with the local, state, or federal government, civic or public interest groups, non-government organizations, political organizations, nonprofit organizations, and political journalism. All prospective host organizations must abide by Harvard's nondiscrimination policy. You can find more information about that policy here

If you are unsure if your internship meets the public service criteria, we encourage you to still apply to the program. The internship should be full-time and last eight weeks with the same organization; start and end dates are flexible and based on mutual agreement between the host organization and the intern. In light of the ongoing public health crisis, the internship should be able to be conducted remotely.