Healthy London Partnership (co-sponsored with the Harvard Global Health Institute)

Healthy London Partnership (HLP) 

Please Note: This internship is co-sponsored. This means that the funding for this internship is provided by two institutions at Harvard. The Primary Affiliation is with HGHI, and the Secondary Affiliation is with the IOP. The primary institute will be the point of contact during the application and internship onboarding process, and applications for this placement will be processed by the HGHI.

Please note HGHI’s application instructions to ensure you meet all the requirements. The intern selected for this internship will have the benefits and obligations of an intern in both of programs.

Organization Overview: 

The Healthy London Partnership (HLP) is a public sector partnership that works across organisations to support health and care transformation in London. We work across London’s local government, National Health Service ‘commissioners’ (payers), the Mayor’s office, Public Health England and Health Education England to achieve our shared vision of making London the healthiest major global city. 

The NHS cannot achieve this goal alone and HLP brings together partners with improvement and transformation experts and Londoners to work towards the common goals set out in Better Health for London, NHS Five Year Forward View and the Devolution agreement to ensure improvements are made. 

HLP supports the development of an evidence base to help inspire London to be the best it can be, gathering insight and data, building on local successes and sharing learning and best practice. It also tackles issues best solved ‘once for London’ by pooling resources and attracting additional funding to specific London issues such as access to GPs. Our work is organised into transformational focus areas with our partner’s pooling funding to undertake transformational change across London, through clinical and enabler programmes. Each programme aims to solve a different heath and care challenge faced by the capital. More recently HLP has been involved in developing London’s Health & Care Vision: All aim to make prevention of ill health and the delivery of healthcare high quality, more joined up, and more consistent across the city.

HLP also provides the strategic challenge and infrastructure to make sure there is robust governance in place through the London Health Board and the London Health and Care Strategic Partnership Board

Summer Project:

Our work is organized into transformational focus areas, varying from the prevention of ill health (e.g. action on childhood obesity, smoking, homeless health, HIV, social prescribing) to healthcare delivery (e.g. cancer, urgent and emergency care, mental health and primary care) to enabling transformation (e.g. through digital solutions, supporting our workforce). Each programme aims to solve a different health and care challenge faced by the capital. 

Our priorities and focus areas may change during this year as we close down completed projects and programmes and respond to the changing needs of Londoners. Based on the expected needs and priority areas we will select a variety of programmes and projects for the intern to work on based on their interest. There will also be the opportunity for the intern to work across the portfolio of work if desired.


This will be project-dependent, likely to include elements of research, data analysis, project management and stakeholder engagement to inform the development of recommendations for partners.


  • Experience with health and/or care policy desirable 

  • Interest in urban policy or knowledge of UK healthcare system would be highly relevant. 

  • Overall we are looking for enthusiastic and hardworking interns who are keen to learn and contribute to our efforts to help London become the healthiest global city! 

From a skills/experience perspective the following would be beneficial:

  • Experience and skills in analytical methods (i.e. economics, statistics, social research, health related disciplines and operational research techniques) and ability to provide timely analysis and intelligence AND/OR

  • Experience of or training in project or programme management (P2, MSP, Agile) AND/OR

  • Experience/formal qualifications in engagement and communications (including digital)


Remote or In-person:

TBD with a tentative expectation of In-Person/Remote Hybrid: HLP will be hosted by a new parent organization from April 2022. By next summer we expect there to be a hybrid working model – a combination of working in the office and remotely. We would expect any intern to match this. We also do not think we would be given permission for a fully remote internship given practicalities of time zones, combined with Information Governance considerations in the NHS.

Work Environment: 

By next summer we expect there to be a hybrid working model – a combination of working in the office and remotely. We do not yet know what the office environment looks like due to the pending change of host organization. Some travel across London may be required including to HLP others office sites at London Bridge (London Mayor’s office) and Wellington House (Waterloo). The intern will work alongside one or two project teams.


On a scale of 1 to 5, the level of internship supervision from very little (1) to a great deal (5) will be a 2.5

Special Instructions:

In your personal statement, please answer the following question: Why are you interested in city-level health and/or learning from the UK; and what skills and experiences would you offer to support transformational changes/improvements in health in London?

Quotes from Previous Fellows:

“I'm working remotely for the Healthy London Partnership this summer, which works with a coalition of partners to achieve health equity and justice with the aim of making London the healthiest global city. Although the virtual nature of all internships this summer has introduced barriers to my involvement (time zones, physical distance from the team), I have been able to support the team members on a variety of initiatives based upon my own expertise and interest. 

I am working on three main projects: 1) initiating an effort to create minimum standards and clinical guidelines for addressing domestic violence, 2) supporting the teams working on health inequities in Southeast London in order to advocate for integrated health systems, by conducting literature reviews to adjust approaches to addressing the big 5 issues (mental health, obesity, hypertension, smoking, alcohol usage), and 3) supporting COVID19-related research by conducting mask policy research for the Mayor's office and helping turn that work into an academic journal paper,. 

HLP is an extremely supportive and collaborative work environment, even through Zoom. I am able to have daily check-ins with my supervisor, who is the Director, and am welcomed to meetings with Violence Reduction partners and the Directors of Public Health of each of the boroughs.” Sanika Mahajan, Summer 2020


“This summer I am working with the Healthy London Partnership, which aims to facilitate partnerships between public healthcare bodies across London to make it the healthiest global city. I'm working with the London Vision team on the process of setting priorities to improve Londoners' health and benchmarking with other global cities on a set of indicators. I am also working with HLP's children and young people's digital program on developing and piloting a mobile application for the management of long-term conditions, while also contributing to the work of the company's mental health and primary care teams.” Emily Radyte, Summer 2019


London, England