Gender Avenger


GenderAvenger is an online activist community dedicated to ensuring women* are always part of the public dialog… because women’s voices count.

The theory of social change behind GA is that individual action backed by a community with shared values and the perception of power can affect change. The focus is on encouraging individuals through social media to make their appreciation known when there is strong gender balance and their disapproval heard when there is not.

The primary target of our activity is conferences. Often we feature events suggested by GA subscribers. Other times the GA Team picks conferences that have some history with us. We will continue to do this work throughout 2020.

At the same time, given the expectation that 2020 will be dominated by the election, GenderAvenger has developed a special feature within the GATally that can be used to display the gender balance on ballots across the country.  Dubbed Ballotmania, it is being tested in NJ and VA in 2019.  As a result it is now live on the GATally so can be previewed there.

The Director’s Intern will work with the GA Team to review 2020 usage to date and help develop a strategy and tactics to increase adoption.  This could include working to publicize Ballotmania on state websites connected to the 2020 election. Other assignments may arise. In the past GA Director’s Interns have published blogs for the GA Weekender email.

  • The GA Team primarily conducts business through email and phone.
  • There is no physical office. However, in the past interns have met with Founder Gina Glantz once a week and this year are invited to work from her home in New York City (Manhattan) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The intern will also work directly with Women Online that manages GA content and guides its social media.
  • The intern will participate in GA Team conference calls to gain an understanding of the ongoing activities of the organization.
  • Intern should have strong interest in gender issues. It should be noted that GA is non-partisan and conducts no political activities.
  • Preference will be given to rising Juniors and Seniors.

The following is an overview of GenderAvenger.

The website is the best way to learn about the organization. 2018/19 GenderAvenger highlights can be scanned on the GA Interactive Timeline.

GenderAvenger focuses on the presence of women on conference stages, on significant lists, in publications, on-screen, wherever gender balance is an issue. Attention is given across broad categories, including finance, higher education, tech, politics, arts and culture in the belief that any dialog missing the perspective and expertise of half of the world’s population is simply incomplete.

The success of GA is rooted in its simplicity. The clarity of its mission and the user-friendly tools it provides to individuals to take action has powered GA growth and impact.

Call for Individual Action. The GenderAvenger Tally is an app available on all platforms that allows the user to create a pie chart by simply inserting the hashtag of an event or list and the number of men and women. The resulting chart can be instantly posted to Facebook or Twitter or sent anonymously to GA, if the sender is uncomfortable being identified. After verification, GA posts and tweets anonymous submissions. The average time spent creating and sending the chart is under two minutes. Selected GA Tallies are featured in a weekly Action Alert newsletter providing opportunities for GA community members to use their social media outlets to amplify and reinforce the positive and negative messages.

Involving Men. The GenderAvenger Male Pledge. Men are a critical component of the change GA seeks. The Male Pledge provides the opportunity to agree not to appear on any panels where there are no women. The GA pledge has attracted a number of high profile individuals, including Garrett Boone, the co-founder of the Container Store, Ron Fournier, nationally known author and journalist, U.S. Senator Bob Casey, U..S. Congressman Don Beyer, and Keith Mestrich, President of Amalgamated Bank.

Recognizing Excellence. GenderAvenger Stamps of Approval. Recognizing the importance of acknowledging organizations that provide strong gender balance in their public events and publications, GA created criteria for Stamps of Approval. Gold stamps require 40%+ women, including 50% women of color; Silver stamps require 40%+ women, including 40% women on color and Bronze stamps require 40%+ women, including 30% women of color.

* GenderAvenger knows and affirms that trans women are women.

2019 Intern Reflection:

This summer I have had the incredible opportunity to work with Gender Avenger. Gender Avenger (GA) is a nonprofit organization that’s mission is to be a community that ensures women are represented in the public dialogue. GA works to bring attention to and call out events where women are underrepresented. GA also works to involve a greater community through the GA Tally and the Gender Avenger Pledge. GA uses action alerts, blogs, and stamps of approval to make sure women’s voices are heard.

Gender Avenger is composed of a small team, so I have been able to get really involved with the organization this summer. I have participated in weekly conference calls, researched independent projects, and assisted team members with their projects. An interesting project I was involved in was analyzing top blog and social media posts to find common themes that the team might use in future posts. Gender Avenger doesn’t have a physical office so this summer I have been working from home. The GA team is made up of an amazing group of people and even though I wasn’t in the same location I still felt included as part of the team through phone, e-mail, and Slack.

Lauren Meyer '20

2018 Intern Reflection:

The Gender Avenger team is small, composing of myself and around 6 other people. Because of this, I have gotten to know everyone well and have completed work I would not have done at a larger company. Some projects include creating a college outreach plan for the company, testing out new facets of their iOS app, and finding a list of conferences for the next year to target.

Anne Mills '19

2017 Intern Reflection:

This summer, I had the opportunity to work with GenderAvenger (GA), a nonprofit advocacy organization determined to build a community dedicated to ensuring that women are always part of the public dialogue. GA’s mission is to call out the underrepresentation of women, whether it be on conference stages, on significant lists, in publications, or on-screen. The GA Tally allows individuals to record and share the gender (im)balance they encounter in their everyday lives, and the GA Pledge gives them the opportunity to publicly commit to not serving on panels where no women are present.                                                                

My main responsibility as an intern was to help launch a GenderAvenger Meetup network. Offline extensions of GA’s thriving virtual community, these Meetups offer the GenderAvenger community a chance to physically connect with each other, and create an action plan for effecting change in their communities. Working directly with GenderAvenger’s incredible founder, Gina Glantz, I developed materials to use on GenderAvenger’s Meetup site, identified and connected with potential organizers across the country, and helped set up GenderAvenger’s first three Meetup chapters in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

I also participated in weekly conference calls with the rest of the GenderAvenger team, represented GenderAvenger at the Ellevate Network Summit, and wrote a blog on gender inequality at One Day University. Since GenderAvenger does not have a physical office, I worked out of Meetup’s offices in New York, and it was the most relaxed, welcoming, and fun office I have ever worked in.

Tanya Devani '19