Digital Government Unit of the Ministry of Public Administration

Please Note: This internship is co-sponsored with DRCLAS, and therefore you must apply here. The IOP has a strict two-application limit for the Director's Internship program, which includes internships that are co-sponsored with DRCLAS.

DGU (Digital Government Unit, Ministry of Public Administration)
The Digital Government Unit (DGU) of the Ministry of Public Administration is in charge of implementing the National Digital Strategy of the Office of the President of Mexico and generating the legal framework for the strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) by the federal government. Its goal is to enhance efficiency of government operations, transform and modernize the provision of government services to citizens, facilitate access of these services to society, and promote the management of an open, honest, transparent and accountable government. 

The DGU has created the Developing Talents Program, aimed at helping young people acquire knowledge and new skills through their internships. The DGU's biggest priority is collaborating to generate strategies and policies that promote the use of ICTs by the federal government, and to develop a citizen centered government.

The interns would work in the following areas:

  • the implementation of the Interdepartmental Commission for the Development of E-Government, 
  • ICT policies,
  • and the National One-Stop Shop and its different delivery services (Telephone, Online, and Personal).

The interns would also work to accelerate the adoption of standards in every government office through guidelines, digital tools and workshop materials, and the implementation of the electronic post office and the advanced e-signature as the principal means for authentication of government services.

All projects are aimed at transforming the government to better serve its citizens.


2018 Intern Reflection:

Working at the Ministry of Public Administration in the Digital Governance Unit opened my eyes to how governments integrate technology to better serve their constituents and collaborate with one another. The Mexican government frequently collaborates with other OECD countries and the Digital Seven to make sure that there is a common standard of digital governance. In its respective sphere, the Mexican government is the leader in Latin America as it often helps other Latin American countries begin this transformative process.

The Digital Governance Unit provides interns opportunities in learning more about the digital economy and its impact on government policies, analyzing large sets of data, and understanding the inner workings of the United States’ southern neighbor. More importantly, working in the Mexican government provides the opportunity to improve your Spanish speaking and writing abilities. I worked on editing OECD working papers on the digital economy and now I am currently analyzing citizens’ responses on how effective the Mexican government’s digital services are to them. As such, I am responsible to finding out how these digital services can be improved to further serve its constituents. I analyze data using R and Google Analytics to ensure that Mexican digital services keep on improving. These services range from obtaining a passport through getting financial aid for college so there are many different projects you're working on. Furthermore, I learned more about how the Mexican government works through conversations with my coworkers.

The DGU is not a stereotypical government bureaucracy since it is composed of recently graduated Mexican college students focused on technology. The work environment is extremely friendly and collaborative. Not only can you ask for help on your project but immediately other coworkers make you feel at home by inviting you to lunch or asking whether you want to watch the World Cup. I’ve had the pleasure of also playing on their soccer team after work and enjoy watching the DGU team crush the competition on the field. My favorite memories are talking to my coworkers about my weekend excursions or watching the Mexican World Cup soccer games as a group. Without a doubt, I am extremely happy to be working for the DGU and aiding the push towards improving governance.

David Felipe Gutierrez '19

Mexico City, Mexico
Civic Technology, Foreign Affairs / International Affairs