Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY)

The Office of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik offers a 10 week internship program during the summer that provides students with a unique educational opportunity while witnessing firsthand the public policy process and the inner workings of our United States Congress.

The Director’s Internship program is designed to give students an understanding of the core functions of a congressional office, including responding to constituent inquiries, researching legislation, and assisting in the development of public policy. Interns are encouraged to observe the legislative process by attending committee meetings, hearings, and briefings. Other duties include but are not limited to leading tours of the U.S. Capitol, assisting the legislative staff with policy research and projects, observing debate on the House Floor, and preparing materials for Congressional briefings.

Interested internship applicants must possess strong written, verbal and computer skills. The ideal candidate should have a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0.

Congresswoman Stefanik represents New York’s 21st District in the House of Representatives where she is a Member of the Armed Services Committee, the Committee on Education and the Workforce, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. She is a graduate of Harvard College and the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

2019 Intern Reflection:

This internship has been an incredible opportunity that has given me exposure to life on the Hill, a closer look at how Congress works, and access to incredibly intelligent and engaging representatives. My main tasks consist of fielding constituent phone calls and helping staff with tasks such as researching bills, tracking votes on legislation, and writing reports on specific policy issues. It's important for me to stay constantly up to date about the news, such as conditions at the border and the Mueller report, as well as stay informed on bills that are being considered on the floor. It's also important for me to know the Congresswoman's views on certain issues and current events. My favorite part about the work so far is the ability to talk to a diverse array of people. New York's 21st district is quite different from where I am from and it is interesting to listen to the views of her constituents and see what thoughts and concerns they have in their daily lives, and to see how the Congresswoman responds to the problems of everyday people.

I've also had the opportunity to see and hear from other members of Congress, such as Senator Mitt Romney and Rep. Jim Cooper. I was able to take a tour of the West Wing, have witnessed members of the Democratic and Republican party debate climate change policy on the House floor, and listened to Kerry Washington talk about the importance of voter turnout to strengthen our democracy.

If you are passionate about politics and want to immerse yourself in federal government, this is definitely the internship for you. There's no better way to experience a career in government or be in such close proximity to members of Congress than to be on the Hill. Especially with the 2020 elections coming up, DC has been a particularly energizing and a very exciting place to be. I am greatly satisfied with my choice to spend the summer in Congresswoman Stefanik's office.

Maddie Chai '21

2018 Intern Reflection:

Working in Congresswoman Stefanik’s office is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in politics and to observe the workings of democracy from the inside. It’s a small office with only about 10 staff in total, which makes for a close-knit environment. The staffers are all very young and friendly, and it’s interesting to hear from them about their views on current events and their career paths. Working in this office has given me a front row view of the policy-making process from start to finish. I get to see the initial meetings where ideas are pitched, speak with constituents about their thoughts on proposed legislation, and watch the Representatives vote on bills from the House gallery.

My primary responsibilities include answering constituent phone calls, taking notes at policy briefings for staffers, and giving tours of the Capitol. I have to follow the news closely to stay informed on current issues. The office is very flexible, allowing me to take advantage the many opportunities offered to interns on the Hill. I’ve attended Congressional committee hearings on topics like foreign policy in the Middle East, briefings by experts on issues like economic development, and lectures by members of Congress including Rep. Nancy Pelosi. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in observing the policy-making process and learning about Congress’ role in current political issues.

Richard Sweeney '21

2017 Intern Reflection:

This summer in Congresswoman Stefanik’s office I have learned about how a congressional office works, while experiencing the exciting environment of the Hill. My day-to-day responsibilities included fielding constituent calls, writing for the Congressional Record, and helping with constituent correspondence. These tasks allowed me to engage with the people living in New York's 21st district and to understand how congressional offices process and respond to the input of their constituents. In addition to this, I really enjoyed giving tours of the Capitol to people from the district.

Apart from the daily work in the office, I would say my favorite part of this internship was immersing myself in Capitol Hill and politics for a summer. The other interns and I were encouraged to seek out hearings, briefings, and lectures on the Hill that we wanted to attend, and I got to see congressional committees debating a huge variety of topics. It was also interesting to talk to the professional staff in the office, hearing about their career trajectories and opinions on current political events. Overall, working in Congresswoman Stefanik’s office was a great way for me to see the federal government in action. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who is interested in the actual workings of the government and who wants to get a taste of the environment in Washington D.C.

Isabella Huber '18

Washington, D.C.