Congressman John Lewis (D-GA)

Director's Interns will work in the fast-paced setting of the office of Congressman John Lewis (GA-05) and gain invaluable experience and knowledge of the United States Congress.  Responsibilities include greeting constituents and visitors, handling phone calls, supporting staff with administrative tasks, conducting legislative research, aiding communications staff, and assisting with special projects and assignments.  Applicants should have an interest in public service or government as demonstrated by coursework or extracurricular activities.  Director's Interns must be hard-working and self-motivated, with exceptional written and verbal communication skills and strong attention to detail.  

While not a requirement, preference will be given to Georgia applicants, especially residents of Georgia's 5th District.


2019 Intern Reflection:

Through my internship at the Office of Congressman John Lewis, I have had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the House of Representatives while playing a small part in continuing the legacy of one of America's greatest civil rights leaders. As someone passionate about racial justice and education, I have most enjoyed working directly with the Congressman in presenting to student groups about his life's journey through childhood in rural Alabama to working with Dr. King to serving over three decades in Congress. I have also enjoyed working on legislative memos related to immigration and Social Security, and have attended briefings and hearings on issues such as inhumane treatment of migrant families at the Southern border and Medicare for All.

A typical day in the office involves collaborating with other interns to process calls from constituents and admirers of the Congressman, accommodating constituents and advocacy groups who visit the office throughout the day, attending briefings or hearings on behalf of staffers, and writing response letters to constituents about issues for which they have written to the Congressman.

Furthermore, one of the coolest perks of working in Congress is being able to casually see so many iconic figures of American politics every day (and sometimes meeting them if you email the scheduler!) It is important to note about this particular internship that because the Congressman has such a strong legacy to uphold and has been serving for so many years, the office is disciplined about every task. For that reason, much is expected from interns and relationships with staffers in the office are largely task-based.

Trevor Ladner '20

2018 Intern Reflection:

My internship at the Office of Congressman John Lewis exceeded any and all expectations. When I arrived, I was immediately introduced to a passionate and collaborative staff. The office environment was welcoming. In fact, our office had a reputation throughout the office building for our hospitality and kindness, which I certainly appreciated.

Additionally, I was given the opportunity and responsibility to apply my interests to legislative work. Because I am interested in health disparities, I worked with the Senior Policy Advisor to craft bills related to minority health and recruit bipartisan co-sponsors. The research portals available allowed me to prepare briefings and memos related to maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS. Perhaps the most exciting part of my internship was presenting strategies to spur bipartisan support for our bills. Aside from my involvement in health-related legislation, I attended several briefings related to student loans, gun violence, and economic development. I most certainly encourage students to apply for this Director’s Internship to not only learn from and work alongside a Civil Rights icon, but also to discover more about themselves and their passions. 

Morgan Ogryzek '21

Washington, D.C.