(formerly known as e-Notice)

INDUSTRY: Civic Technology

ABOUT US: We are on a mission to improve the utility of public interest information and support the distribution of that information by journalists that serve their communities.

Column was founded by a fifth-generation member of a local newspaper family based in Manhattan, Kansas. We are a group of principled, talented builders who believe in dedicating our time and effort to solving hard problems that matter.

We are initially focused on the system of public notice, due to its critical importance to the future of journalism and the business of news. For centuries, laws have required that notification of certain actions be proactively distributed to the communities that they impact, by way of journalists — professionals that those communities trust to tell the truth and ask questions on their behalf.

We believe the challenges our information systems now face are existential ones for our system of self-governance. The best use of our time and talent is to do the hard work to fortify trustworthy institutions — young and old — and be active participants rather than bystanders to change.

Public notice exists at a unique intersection of government, journalism, and commerce. The technology we are building is a form of connective tissue that we expect to have far-reaching implications.


  • Design and execute projects that add immediate value to the company.
  • Conduct research on potential partners and market opportunities, providing actionable insights that will lead to the success of the company.
  • Contribute to product and development team efforts if you bring product, design, or development skills to the internship.

REMOTE WORK ENVIRONMENT: We're talented builders who are trying to do a hard thing & we take our work seriously. We don't take ourselves too seriously and genuinely enjoy spending time with our colleagues.

Daily standup, Slack, Q&A sessions with media leaders, company builders, and experts in other fields.


WORKING HOURS: There is flexibility regarding which hours the intern works.

EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE: Access to high-speed Wi-Fi, Personal laptop, Web Camera

2020 Intern Reflection:

*NOTE: Column was formerly known as e-Notice.

An internship at enotice is a unique, engaging, and enriching experience. So few companies stand in the intersection of civics, startups, and technology, and enotice's mission to fundamentally transform the largely unknown process of public notice placing is as much a goal to reboot and assist local journalism as it is one that serves as a tech startup on the cutting-edge. Due to the fast-paced and startup nature of the company, my responsibilities included everything from conducting market research on a new possible opportunity for the company to writing code to analyze support tickets received. I even was able to survey local newspapers in various states and districts of interest about their public notice pricing and policies.

Despite the internship being virtual, the other interns and myself were welcomed into the enotice culture with open arms from the rest of the team. Between daily Q&As, collaborative projects that truly move the company forward, and a culture focused on lifestyle and a positive work environment, this internship was well-designed to enable not only my success, but my growth & learning as an individual.

-Nathan Zhao '23

Washington, D.C.