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CNN - Fareed Zakaria GPS

***FINALIST APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: All applicants are required to submit a resume (one page), statement of interest (one page), and two references by the application deadline on Sunday, February 6 at 11:59pm ET. If selected as a finalist, applicants to this host organization may be required to submit the following additional materials directly to the host organization after the application deadline:

- Letter of Recommendation 


Our office is able to host an IN-PERSON intern.

TIME ZONE: Eastern

WORKING HOURS: The intern needs to keep the same business hours as our office.

INDUSTRY: Communications / Journalism

ABOUT US: Fareed Zakaria GPS is CNN’s award-winning foreign affairs program. Host Fareed Zakaria offers his take on international events and global economic trends, moderates panels of global thinkers, and interviews the world’s top policymakers. Interns assist in all aspects of production, from a story’s inception to research and fact-checking to gathering visual elements.

RESPONSIBILITIES & PROJECTS: Interns assist in all aspects of production: pitching ideas, researching stories and guests, preparing for tapings and gathering videos. The internship provides a real look at program development and execution. Interns can expect to learn production and research techniques, assisting the team in all program requirements. Interns will gain experience in a control room for tapings and live Sunday shows. Foreign language skills a plus.

SKILLS: Foreign Language Skills, Video production skills a plus.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: We are a small team, the interns will be able to pitch ideas, assist producers with research, factcheck, and will be asked to gather video and photographic elements

EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE: Access to high-speed Wi-Fi, Laptop on loan from host organization.


2020 Intern Reflection

As a summer intern at CNN with the show GPS with Fareed Zakaria, you get the most autonomy of any TV broadcasting and production internship. On a weekly basis, I have the ability to jump on calls with the entire team, pitch ideas, gather research and data, interview potential guests, and most importantly decide not only how the news is being reported, but what the topics actually are! The team is so kind and supportive, even while being remote. I have had the opportunity to learn first hand about so many different production skills all while reporting on international issues and economics.

-Sahar Mohammadzadeh '22

2019 Intern Reflection

Working at Fareed Zakaria GPS has been one of the most interesting internship experiences I’ve had. It has exposed me to the specifics of producing a show for air, what it’s like to work at a place like CNN, and the excitement of dealing with ideas, international news, and incisive analysis on a day-to-day basis. Never in my life have I been this in tune with what's happening around the world -- it's like keeping one's finger on the pulse of geopolitics. As an intern, I have had the chance to pitch ideas, meet guests, and contribute to the technical side of the show -- finding images and footage, time-coding, fact-checking, etc. Thus far, I’ve written a book report on cybersecurity, worked on a live show featuring a guest on the streets from the Hong Kong protests, watched Fareed interview Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Council on Foreign Relations, and pulled visual elements for topics ranging from the G20 summit to the 1960s civil rights sit-in movement to the LGBTQ Pride Month.

It’s refreshing to examine news in a weekly format instead of the daily news cycle. More than highlighting headlines, GPS has been about analyzing news in an intelligent manner with multiple perspectives as well as about unlikely stories that deserve be told (for instance, there was one about lassoing icebergs to solve the water crisis in Cape Town). The close-knit team provides a collaborative and open setting, where ideas from interns matter. Fareed has also taken the time to have conversations with us. In short, this internship has transformed the way I engage with international news.

If you’re at all interested in what lies at the intersection of international relations, media, journalism, or even storytelling at large, I highly recommend this dynamic, interdisciplinary experience.

Xinyue Selina Xu '21

2018 Intern Reflection

I have greatly enjoyed working at Fareed Zakaria, GPS. The work here has been interesting and exciting, with each week covering the biggest issues of the world analyzed by the most knowledgeable experts. As an intern, I have pitched stories and ideas for consideration to include in the weekly show, edited video and visuals to add to stories, worked on live shows, and more. The team is close-knit and much smaller than I would have expected for a wide-reaching news program, as less employees are required for a weekly show than for a live show.

GPS’s focus on analyzing the news in a weekly format, rather than focusing on breaking the news in a 24 hour format, enables engaging and objective discussion that I believe is unique among most news programs. It has been amazing to be able to help create this dialogue, and I am very grateful that I have been able to be a part of the show. As a concentrator in Government, I found my interest in international relations helpful for this internship, and would highly recommend this program to anyone searching for an opportunity that involves any related studies as well as journalism or television production / video editing.

George Attia Alexander '20

My internship at Fareed Zakaria has been an extremely educational and interesting one. Having the privilege to contribute to the production of such an informative and nationally important show and learn from the people making it has been one of the highlights of my experiences at Harvard (or due to it). I have enjoyed working in the show’s dynamic and very collaborative setting, where the entire team discusses all ideas and approaches to themes of the week that eventually make it on air.

As an intern, I’ve had the chance to write stories for the show and pitch potential guests, and seeing those air has been incredibly rewarding. My responsibilities also have ranged from doing research on guests such as the Bulgarian artist Christo who installs massive public artworks, to reading books on topics such as the problems of the current U.S. immigration system or the challenges of writing speeches for President Obama. I have also learned about the technical side of producing the show, as I’ve had to find footage that most accurately and most compellingly tells the story in a visual way.

The internship has been an excellent way for me to learn about journalism and international and economic issues, and I would recommend it to anyone even a little bit interested in them.

Petra Orskovic '20

2017 Intern Reflection

Working at Fareed Zakaria GPS has been one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences I have had at Harvard.  As an intern, I get to work with a small and tight-knit team including Fareed and his producers, and get to grapple with the biggest issues in the world each week.  The office culture is supportive and collaborative, in addition to being fast-paced and exacting.  I have loved how the entire team has been supportive and totally open to any ideas and contributions, and I have been challenged by how they hold me (and themselves) to the highest standard.

I have had to triple check refugee numbers from the original government statistics and read over 200 pages in under 24 hours to help prepare for a guest’s interview.  Other assignments have included pulling videos of President Trump threatening to “bomb the hell” out of ISIS of CNN’s database and writing a segment about America’s new aircraft carrier that made it onto the air.  It has been a ton of fun, and you walk away from each week knowing you made a meaningful (if small) contribution to one of America’s top national shows, watched by hundreds of thousands each week.  I would recommend this internship without reservations to anyone looking to get some exposure to journalism, an anyone with any interest in international affairs.

Philip Balson '19

New York City, NY