Center for Civic Innovation (Co-sponsored with the Center for Public Interest Careers)

Please Note: This internship is co-sponsored. This means that the funding for this internship is provided by two institutions at Harvard. The Primary Affiliation is with the IOP, and the Secondary Affiliation is with CPIC. The primary institute will be the point of contact during the application and internship onboarding process, and applications for this placement will be processed by the IOP.

Please note the IOP's application instructions to ensure you meet all the requirements. The intern selected for this internship will have the benefits and obligations of an intern in both of programs.

***FINALIST APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: All applicants are required to submit a resume (one page), statement of interest (one page), and two references by the application deadline on Sunday, February 7 at 11:59pm ET. If selected as a finalist, applicants to this host organization may be required to submit the following additional materials directly to the host organization after the application deadline: 

  • Writing Sample


INDUSTRY: Think Tank / Research / Policy

ABOUT US: Center for Civic Innovation's mission is to increase civic participation through public programs and policy research and elevate more effective solutions through trainings and support services for civic leaders, entrepreneurs , and movement builders.

We have three major initiatives:

  • Fellowship Program: A program for grassroots leaders, entrepreneurs, and movement builders with brilliant ideas to address social and economic inequality in their own communities, but who don't have the resources or support to achieve them.
  • NPU Initiative: An evaluation of Atlanta's NPU system with the goal of providing the City of Atlanta with policy recommendations on improving our city's historic system of civic engagement, the NPUs.
  • Inequality in Philanthropy: An effort to provide local public and private foundations with recommendations on improving racial and gender equity in the distribution of philanthropic dollars.

RESPONSIBILITIES & PROJECTS: Depending on their placement, interns have the opportunity to work in data, research, and policy with our NPU Initiative or Inequality in Philanthropy initiative; program development with our Fellowship program; or event planning and digital program design with our Programs team. We encourage students from all academic backgrounds and skillsets to apply. To be placed in a data or research position, we prefer that students have a background or experience in data analysis.

REMOTE WORK ENVIRONMENT: All of CCI staff are working remotely currently. The intern will join a cohort of fellow CCI interns for the summer and have the opportunity to engage with CCI staff throughout the summer through targeted programming and one-on-one meetings. 


WORKING HOURS: The intern needs to keep the same business hours as our office.

EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE: Personal laptop, Web Camera

2020 Intern Reflection

Working at CCI this summer has been a tremendous learning experience for me and not only, pushed me to grow as a professional, but also as an independent and critical thinker. At CCI, interns are treated like we are part of the full-time staff and our contributions are treated with the same respect and importance. The work I am engaging in this summer has the potential to shape the future of philanthropy in Atlanta and our nation and it has been so exciting to work alongside CCI’s eccentric staff.

As a project management intern, I worked on a project surrounding the inequity in non-profit funding in Atlanta, which will culminate in a report and call to action for Atlanta’s philanthropic foundations. Additionally, I helped coordinate and provide support for CCI’s fellows in preparation for their Investor Day pitches. Through CCI, I had the opportunity to learn from and speak to many civic entrepreneurs as well as impact investors and gained vital knowledge about corporate responsibility and non-profit funding.

-Marissa Joseph '23

2019 Intern Reflection:

The Center for Civic Innovation is a non-profit located in South Downtown, Atlanta whose mission is to empower individuals to shape the future of Atlanta by designing innovative solutions to pressing social problems from the bottom up. The Center offers incubator and accelerator services through its fellowship programs for outcome driven social enterprises and non-profits. It also runs programming to encourage civic engagement, and it recently launched a research initiative that aims to comprehensively evaluate Atlanta's current infrastructure for local engagement.

As an intern, I worked closely with the programs and entrepreneurship teams to communicate the work we do at the non-profit out to the public, which included writing blog posts, newsletters, and social media campaigns. I also helped coordinate events for the fellows such as investor day, exit interviews, and office hours. In addition, during my 10 weeks, I worked on a long-term research project to assemble case files on all of CCI's past residents and fellows. The work was fast-paced and eye-opening. Because CCI is a younger start-up, I was able to get involved with many different aspects of the non-profit's work. There were several opportunities to sit-in on exciting meetings with the executive director, partners, and investors. The team and fellows were some of the most inspiring and passionate people I've met.

- Ruth Zheng '21

Atlanta, GA